4 Great Tips to Increase Your Garage Storage Space

Monday, December 30th, 2013 by Danny Peterson

Housing your car is one of the essential jobs in your household work. Garages are not used only for strong and securing cars but can double for functioning as space for various DIY projects or simply storing household items that are used once in a while like camping gear and sports equipment or your child’s bicycle. As you read on, you will learn how to create space in your garage for other purposes mentioned above.

Garage is the Best Place for Storing One’s Unneeded Household Items

The following tips will help you make room for work as well as DIY projects in your garage by increasing its space.

#1- Storage Container and Shelf Installation

Pick on a wall for storage purpose. Install deeply inserted and highly placed sturdy shelves. This will make space for you to keep large items such as camping chairs and tent bags just above the car. You will have to make sure that the shelves do not fall under the weight. You can also choose storage containers for arranging items in the garage in a tidy manner. Stack up the containers to reduce usage space.

#2- Use Ceiling for Suspending Items

Generally, kayaks, bicycles and equipments used outdoor take up the garage floor space. To reduce the occupied space, you can install loops and hooks on your garage ceiling beams and place these outdoor items on top of your vehicle. However, you should be able to reach them when necessary, otherwise making a lot of free floor space in your garage.

#3- Fold Away Tables for Use

For any of your DIY projects in the garage, you will require a work bench’s services. If there is space constraint in your garage, you can use the folding table instead. With the help of hinges, you can have the countertop attached to the garage wall along with sturdy legs that too can be folded when the table is folded. When you need to use the table for any project, you can take the car outside the garage and make the table stand up for use. Pack and fold up the table as and when its use is over.

#4- Tools as Wall Hangings

You cannot always fit tools such as pliers, hammers, drills, wrenches, files and saws in tool boxes. These items occupy space and are pretty heavy to carry around in a tool box. You can either hang all the tools on your garage wall right over the work area or keep them right beside the folding table.

In order to organize the tools, you will need to place a board on your selected wall, and use nails to hang the tools from the board. As you allot space to each of the tools, you will be able to hang up all the tools on the board.


You can search for various websites that offer you guidance in tools and their utilization for DIY process of garage transformation. Opt for those websites that offer suggestions for free. And try to get professionals guidance as it will help you to go through the home improvement method in a technically correct way.

Author’s Bio: Alisa Martin is a proficient writer who is an expert on property or home based topics. She regularly contributes articles related to Property management St James or other real estate investing subjects.