5 Chic Sliding Closet Door Ideas for Your Room Improvement

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 by Danny Peterson


Do you feel more anxious each time you remodel your home? Chances are it is probably the design that’s making you fidgety.While there are a lot of factors you need to take into account, from bedroom down to  smart bathroom makeovers, it is important not to overlook seemingly trivial elements like the closet door. Although often taken for granted, the right choice of closet sliding door can dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your closet. However, before you dive in headfirst, it will prove advantageous if you examine all the available options you have at your disposal. To help you get off to a good start, here are a few sliding door designs that can definitely spice up your room while restoring your old cabinet at the same time.

#1 The Split Door

This design is a nice way to incorporate illusions while playing with lines. If your cabinet is originally in line with the wall, you can simply replace your cabinet’s doors with a single sliding door that has the same design as your wall. If you wish to add more character however, you can look into changing your current wallpaper with one that has a nice geometric pattern. A warm wooden piece, similar to your cabinet’s sliding door is deemed preferable.

#2 The Mirror Door

Using mirror doors is a practical way of preparing for the day. Make mirrors double as cabinet doors, and choosing an outfit for the day can never be easier. In addition, many interior designers consider this set up ideal as an entire cabinet door made with mirrors will reflect more light into the room, thereby transforming the space into a cozy and relaxing area especially during daytime.

#3 The Barn Door

If you are uncertain about the design that’s right for you, you can play it safe by choosing something traditional. Nowadays, barn doors are making their way back to the scene. Apart from its cool vibes and vintage appeal, it makes way for storage spaces you can utilize to secure more bedroom items and interior furnishings. It is also considered the consummate choice if you are into old-style farmhouses or Spanish-inspired castle doors. Undoubtedly, it will provide the architectural lift your room needs. Should you decide to opt for this bold design, keep in mind that using Brazilian cherry wood or oak wood with steel combinations would produce impeccable results.

#4 The Louvered Door

If you wish to combine ventilation and elegance in one piece, louvered sliding doors is undeniably your perfect choice. Typical louvered doors often come with a  generic swing door. However, if you want to make it more upscale, you can look into incorporating a  slide mechanism into the mix. The simplicity of this option will not only help you save on space but it will also bring about peerless comfort. In addition, with door slats designed to allow air to come through, you can expect better ventilation, especially for walk-in closets.

#5 The Dama Door

If you are aspiring for something modern and classy, this is the right alternative for you. With a panel sliding door and a height that can cover from ceiling point to the floor, the dama can be spread across your wall using any material of your choice. You can pick from wood, satin, upholstery, gloss lacquer or whatever pleases you. In addition, this cabinet sliding door doesn’t only serve its primary function as it is also capable of carrying a TV set as thin as the panel using a special reflecting glass. The inside wires are also strategically built to avoid obstruction.

With sliding doors providing the much needed instantaneous bedroom beauty lift,  dream custom wardrobes are no doubt way easier to realize nowadays. Take inspiration from the ideas above and inject charm, character and your own personal touch into your space.