5 Indoor Sunroom Furniture Tips

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 by Danny Peterson

If you’re searching for the perfect indoor sunroomfurniture tips to use to outfit this space, you have many options available to you. Homeowners in Baltimore or Washington, D.C. may find that they want to use their sunroom as an entertainment room, while others prefer to keep the focus on nature and the views of the outdoors. If you’re looking for some guidance when it comes to sunroom furniture, consider these tips:

#1 Make a space for entertainment

If you’ve got a sunroom that is fully protected from the outside, it can be the perfect place to feature lamps, stereos, TVs, and other indoor only items. This allows your family to enjoy television shows and movies, while still getting a view of the outdoors. The lush views can make for an enhanced movie viewing experience. If you’re not sure what to do when it comes to furniture in this type of sunroom, simple is always best. Try black and white patterns or more muted colors. Let the focus stay on the big screen TV and other gadgets.

#2 Let it flow

Your sunroom is probably flooded with natural light, making it the perfect place to study or read a book. Instead of closing the space off from the rest of the house, let it flow. Get rid of barriers between the inside and outside spaces, and outfit the sunroom in a style similar to the rest of the home. If you’ve got leather couches in your family room, add one in the sunroom too. The sunroom can become a seamless addition to the house, while adding more living space for the family. Indoor sunroom furniture doesn’t necessarily have to look any different from the rest of the home. In fact, many people choose not to differentiate between this room and the living room or dining room. It’s all beautiful living space that your family can enjoy.

#3 Create individual nooks within the room

If your sunroom has multiple points of entry, some of which are used less often, consider dividing up the room into smaller nooks. This means you can feature a table and some chairs to use for meals, while having a TV and a comfy chair in another corner. This allows the room to serve multiple purposes, and makes it as versatile as possible, thus ensuring maximum usage.

#4 Hang some artwork

Homeowners who aren’t sure what to do with their sunrooms are often hesitant to hang artwork up in this space. Sunrooms are another part of the home, and should be decorated as such. If you’re going for an earthy feel, choose works that reflect nature or landscapes. If you’re all about a modern vibe in the sunroom, choose paintings that reflect this.

#5 Don’t get frustrated with sharp corners

It’s common for many sunrooms to have a “dead corner” where a lone table and chair sit idly by. While this is not a bad option, you can maximize this space even more effectively by adding a built-in bench or daybed. Add a few cushions and pillows and this formerly “blah” corner is now perfect for reading or studying. In fact, you may be surprised at how quickly it becomes the most popular spot in the whole house. When it comes to indoor sunroom furniture, there is no need to get dark and dreary with your purchases. The room itself probably lets a lot of light in, making it conducive to bright, white furniture and patterned pillows. In many homes, the sunroom becomes a bright spot even when the weather isn’t gorgeous, making some cheerful furniture and decorations essential. If you’re still struggling for ideas when it comes to indoor sunroom furniture, it’s time to talk with the team at Integrity Home Pro. They can offer you guidance that turns your sunroom into a sanctuary. Find them online at www.integrityhomepro.com today. Photo by Wickerfurniture