8 Easy, Clever, and Cozy Sunroom Design Ideas

8 Easy, Clever, and Cozy Sunroom Design Ideas
Sunday, December 1st, 2013 by Danny Peterson

Sunrooms are fantastic additions to any home. You can sneak away to enjoy the early morning sunrise, or escape from the chaos of the day. In the winter months, sunrooms add warmth to your home by letting the sunshine in from its many windows. In the summer, they are the perfect escape from the hot and muggy weather. To make this room your perfect retreat, take the time to spruce it up. A well-decorated sunroom isn’t just more appealing. It will feel cozier, more comfortable, and will add extra value for anyone who spends time in it. Here are a few sunroom decorating ideas that can instantly add appeal to your favorite getaway spot.

#1 Pick the Right Furniture
When searching for sunroom furniture, choose pieces that are both comfortable and functional. Cozy seating and dining will make the room a place where the whole family will want to be. In many cases, a sunroom is open to the rest of the house, so don’t put lawn furniture in it. Opt for pieces that mesh well with the rest of the house, and consider the sunroom a proper, functional room.

#2 Add Bright Flowers
By adding color and freshness to your sunroom, you’ll instantly warm it up and make it feel homier. Flowers are a great way to make any room look more finished and more welcoming. Consider African Violets, Begonias, or Daisies. These will brighten up any sunroom on a cloudy day.

#3 Choose Sheer Curtains
When considering sunroom design ideas, curtains are an essential element. Sheer curtains act as both decoration and insulation during extreme months. In the summer, the sheer fabric will diffuse hot sunlight to help regulate temperature.

#4 Install Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans in the center of the room will help to circulate air and keep it cool. By constantly moving air around, you won’t ever feel stifled or overheated. Even in the winter months, it will circulate the heat and keep your sunroom at a comfortable, cozy temperature.

#5 Use Rugs and Mats
You’ve already added some visual comfort by using flowers and curtains. Now it’s time to add comfort to the floor, and to your feet. If a sunroom’s floor is hardwood, put one large rug or a few smaller throw rugs around the room. This helps to detail seating areas and doorways, and also makes the room feel much more “finished.”

#6 Choose Light, Breezy Colors
The right color scheme can take a nice sunroom and turn it into an extraordinary escape. Many people enjoy sleek, modern colors. However, in a sunroom, it is often better to choose light, airy colors. Opt for bright hues, like yellows and light greens, or soft shades of blue.

#7 Decorate for the Season
One of the greatest parts of having a sunroom is being able to acknowledge the seasons without having to go outdoors. Every few months, the sunlight and warmth of the room will shift. Sunroom design ideas are not set in stone. While repainting four times each year is not feasible, adding and subtracting decorative elements is. Incorporate décor associated with each season, and let the sunroom reflect what is happening on the other side of the windows.

#8 Opt for Minimalism
A sunroom is an escape from everyday stress. Don’t add clutter—and stress—to the sunroom by over decorating. Rather, take a minimalistic approach that will make the room more open and airy. Avoid using any furniture or decorations that are not necessary, especially if your sunroom is relatively small. Of course, in the end, all sunroom design ideas should reflect you. Always decorate your getaway in a way that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and in love with your escape. For more advice on making the most of your room, consult a professional, like the experts at Integrity Home Pro. They are happy to offer for tips, tricks, and other great services to homeowners in the Baltimore and DC area that can turn your sunroom into your favorite room in the house. Photo by: Tinkeringbell