Flooring - taking the right care of your flooring

Friday, May 9th, 2014 by Danny Peterson

Flooring_-_taking_the_right_care_of_your_flooringWhen it comes to ensuring that your flooring is in good shape at all times, there are often a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that nothing gets too dirty, scratched or stained. Unfortunately however, some techniques used for one surface may well be wrong for another surface, and you will find that getting them wrong could result in issues much worse than a dirty floor. When you are cleaning hard floors or different materials, you need to be aware that you are up against three different issues - scratching, water damage and chemical incompatibility.

Cleaning and floor maintenance

With carpet care, you simply need to vacuum regularly and ensure that you have it steam, dry or wet cleaned every now and then. Over time, carpets can pick up enough dirt to change the shade of color, and this will affect the feel of the room fairly majorly. It is a gradual process, so you may not even notice it until you do have it cleaned, so think about how often you do so, and get on it right away!When you are cleaning hard floors however, it is a little more of a job, and you need to be a little more careful, especially if you have delicate or expensive flooring. The problems that you face are more, but in fact the solutions are pretty easy to find, as is demonstrated below.

Avoiding damages

To avoid scratching, you need to get rid of things that may scratch. Lots of smaller, less visible particles of dirt and dust can cause scratching, and you will find that they are easily swept up or vacuumed away. You will also find that it is easy to forget to do so before scrubbing or mopping a floor, as the two are seen as ‘cleaning’ rather than separate processes. This is where things can go wrong, as you may well end up rubbing fine but sharp particles against the surface of the floor, creating what is known as ‘spider scratches’, small spindly scratches that are very faint but can lift off the polish or protective layer that is in place to keep the flooring material dry.

Choosing proper material

If you have a porous material like stone or unfinished wood in the home, then you should be wary of water marks. You will find that the porous nature of these surfaces will make for an absorbent material, and should the material take on too much water it can stain and warp. This is another reason to avoid scratching, as a previously water resistant material may suddenly become less so, creating problems without you knowing. In order to avoid this, wring out your mop head really well, and do not under any circumstances leave any standing water on the surface of the floor. If water is left standing, it will be absorbed as it dries, and the pressure form the water’s weight will mean that it does so more quickly than usual.

Keeping the surface sparkling as new

In order to prevent chemical issues between the surface and the cleaning product, you should use a PH neutral cleaning product. This is basically a cleaner that is not acidic, nor alkali, which will be the two issue causing parts of a cleaning product. Many soaps are PH neutral, including detergent, so a couple of drops or so of washing up liquid in the mop bucket with a decent stir should be exactly what you need to get the floor cleaned in a chemically sound way, no risk of an adverse reaction.


Ella Andrews is dedicated writer and keen home improvement specialist. She is always searching for new sources of inspiration. Presently blogs mostly about house maintenance and renovation projects. Read more of her tips here: domestic cleaning Kensington

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