The 5 Most Common Millersville Roof Problems

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 by Danny Peterson

If you are thinking about whether you have Millersville roof problems, know that it benefits you to keep this structure sound. Your Millersville home’s roof provides a great deal of protection. It not only helps to keep the elements out, but supports temperature regulation, energy efficiency, and the structural integrity of the home. Over time your roof may show signs of aging or wear and tear from weather and other factors. Proper care and maintenance can help your roof to last for many years. Sometimes repair or replacement is necessary to correct any damage and prolong the life of your roof and home. There are several Millersville roofing problems that homeowners should be aware of and that can indicate that professional assistance from a company such as Integrity Home Pro is necessary:

  1. Missing, damaged, or loose shingles. Over time exposure to changing weather and other conditions can take a toll on shingles. They can begin to curl or come unfastened. Sometimes they may develop holes from tree limbs or animals such as squirrels. It is important to replace these shingles to reduce the risk of moisture or other debris entering the home.
  2. Damaged flashing. Flashing creates a seal around chimneys, skylights, and other fixtures on the roof to prevent water from seeping in. If it becomes bent or the seals break, this can impact its ability to provide solid protection.
  3. Damaged soffit. Soffit is found below the eaves of the roof and often contains tiny holes for ventilation purposes. This allows air to circulate and prevents moisture buildup under the roof and in the attic. Cracks or holes in the soffit can not only allow water to enter, but possible small animals or other debris as well.
  4. Water leakage. While you may not notice glaring damage to your roof, the presence of water, mold, or mildew in your attic could indicate a roofing problem that needs to be addressed. This could result from issues with the flashing, shingles, ventilation, or other materials.
  5. Ponding water. Water should flow off of the roof and into gutters. If there is water pooled in certain spots on the roof it could mean that the pitch or slope needs to be adjusted. When water is allowed to sit in one spot, it can seep under shingles or cause damage to other roofing materials. Dips in the roof can also indicate potential structural problems.

Conducting regular self inspections and periodically having a professional company come out to evaluate for problems can extend the life of your roof. You can identify and resolve potential problems early on before they cause more serious damage. Contact the professionals at Integrity Home Pro today for all of your roofing needs.

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