Common Parts of Your Annapolis Roof That May Need Repairs

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 by Danny Peterson

Vigilant homeowners know that Annapolis roof repair needs can arise at any time. A roof is not built to last forever—though modern roofing materials, when properly applied, can last for as long as 80 years, sometimes even longer. As such, it is important to keep an eye on your roof, inspecting it once or twice a year and looking for signs of moisture and standing water, as well as for broken or loose shingles and other potential trouble spots. What’s critical to note about roof repair, though, is that not all roof repair jobs are the same. The roof is a big and multi-faceted thing, better understood as a system and not a singular component. In other words, you can experience different types of roofing problems depending on the area of the roof that’s compromised; the problems you have with your flashing will be different than the problems you have with your shingles, and the solutions will similarly vary. Annapolis homeowners are smart to understand some of the basic parts of the roof, in particular the ones that most often need to be fixed. Integrity Home Pro is pleased to run down a few of the most common trouble areas on a typical roof.


What are we talking about when we talk about flashing? Flashing refers to the pieces of metal used to prevent water from seeping in through an intersection on your roof—for example, vent pipes, chimneys, joints, and valleys. Damage done to the flashing is quite serious, because it leaves the home exposed to potentially serious water issues. Flashing can be damaged by extreme weather, and by oxidation—but there are times when it simply comes loose, perhaps because the installation was a bit shoddy. If you develop leaks and moisture problems, flashing could be the culprit.


The most visible components on your Annapolis roof,shingles perform a major role in protecting your home from moisture and other problems, as well as giving your roof its look, color, and style. Unfortunately, there are many ways in which shingle problems can manifest, though the good news is shingle problems are easy to spot just with a visual inspection. Be on the lookout for discoloration, and for loose or curling shingles. Also make sure to check in your gutters for pieces of shingle debris, which might point to a roof that’s simply old and deteriorating.


Annapolis homeowners don’t need any explanation of what their gutters are, or of what makes them so important. The work your gutters do in protecting your home from water damage is well documented—and so are the common gutter problems. Simply put, gutters that become filled up and bogged down with dirt and debris are likely not serving a useful purpose—and the results can be catastrophic.


The soffit refers to the exposed under-roof area, where the roof hangs over the eaves and rafters. You likely have some soffit areas with vents to your attic, which is important for preventing moisture buildup or rot inside. The soffit also plays an important role in regulating the household temperature, but cracks and fissures can form in them over time. Be on the lookout for these; if you catch these cracks early on, repairing them is pretty easy. And really, that’s the main takeaway here: The sooner you identify roofing problems, the sooner and better you can have them fixed, as affordably as possible. This begins with understanding the different parts of your roof, and understanding what some of the most common trouble spots are. Photo credit:

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