Kitchen Remodeling: Don't Forget the Little Touches

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 by Danny Peterson

Kitchen remodeling can be big. It can be extreme. It can be dramatic! No two kitchen remodels are ever the same, of course, but we’ve seen projects that have encompassed wall demolitions and floor plan expansions; full paint jobs, new flooring, and new tile work; new windows, breakfast nook additions, and a whole bevy of sleek new appliances. Perhaps your kitchen remodel will encompass some of these things. Perhaps it will encompass all of them. Your kitchen remodel may well be the most major undertaking you ever experience as a homeowner. But whatever you do, don’t focus only on the big stuff. Don’t get so caught up in the big, extravagant stuff that you neglect the tiny details. Often, those little touches are what make a kitchen sing. They’re what make the kitchen feel homey; what make it feel like you, personal to your family. What kinds of little touches do we recommend, to take a kitchen remodel from good to great? Consider the following ideas:

  1. If you’re having new drawers installed—or for that matter, even if you aren’t—then think about having soft-close hinges put in. Make it so that it is literally impossible to make a loud, slamming sound when you close the silverware drawer. Wouldn’t that be nice?
  2. Have some lighting installed under your upper cabinets. This will illuminate your counter space and give your kitchen a whole new level of functionality.
  3. Have a built-in soap dispenser installed at your kitchen sink. Yes, you can always just buy the little bottles of soap, but a built-in dispenser just looks so much classier, so much more elegant.
  4. As you think about kitchen storage—which is a big priority for a lot of home remodelers—make sure you think about your corner cabinets and your kitchen island. There could be some untapped storage potential there, some space for you to throw in some baskets, canisters, or drawers. Don’t let any space go to waste in your kitchen!
  5. Along those same lines, make use of wall space to help you store your kitchen stuff. Even something as simple as a hanging pot rack can free up a massive amount of space in your cabinetry—a small touch that can have a big impact on your kitchen functionality.
  6. Little touches can add surprising life and sparkle to your kitchen, and sometimes they can help you save money, too! Consider: You may wish to brighten up your cabinets and drawers, but replacing them may be outside the scope of your kitchen budget. Replacing your kitchen cabinet and drawer hardware—the handles and knobs and things—can have a huge impact for a small sliver of the inverstment! Don’t neglect little touches like that.
  7. What kind of window fixtures do you have in your kitchen? Curtains? Half-curtains? Shutters? Blinds? Whatever you have, it’s probably not something that’s especially high on your kitchen remodeling priorities list. With that said, these seemingly minor details can make all the difference in how your kitchen feels, and in how much natural light is left in. Don’t neglect them!
  8. Do you like a kitchen trashcan that’s inside a drawer, or one that stands alone, perhaps at the end of the island or counter area? Different people have different preferences, and there is not necessarily a right and wrong answer here—but don’t neglect this subtle but important question!

A kitchen remodel is a big deal, and you should treat it as such—but not to the point where you’re not thinking about all of the important little things!

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