How to Refinish Wooden Furniture

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 by Danny Peterson

Ever had that one piece of furniture you’ve pretty much been in love with your entire life, but it simply isn’t doing all that well nowadays. Time creeps in on all things, so chances are you will need to give it a friendly hand so it will work well again in the future. Instead of letting it go and allowing it to fade into the shadows, you would do well to get it fixed and made to look great again. Get the following steps done one by one when you get things moving:

Choose your work area and prepare the furniture

The first step in your project needs to be a two part operation. Begin with the first step by setting up a good work area you can use during your work. You need to consider that you will be working with flammables, so you will need to be careful about the location. One of the places you can do this would be at the garage around your home. After you’ve completed this you will need to prepare your furniture for what comes next. Clean the furniture with some oil soap and a couple of rags, then remove all the drawers and hardware attached to it and work on cleaning it as well.

Remove old paint and varnish

The first step you need to take is to remove all the old varnish and paint from it. This will need you to work with stripper directly to a part of the furniture you need to clean. Make sure you use disposable brushes for this task so you won’t damage the ones you may use later. Once you finish following the directions on the stripper, you will need to use a scraping knife to remove the paint or varnish, working your way to deal with it. You may need to sandpaper the area to smoothness, testing it by using a drop cloth and dragging it on it to see whether it snags anywhere.

Staining and sealing

You should take a look at possible ways you can stain your freshly sandpapered surfaces so they will receive an older look. Basically you will need to stain the piece of furniture, letting it sit for its specified amount of time and then letting it dry before you apply the next coat. You will need to do this as many times as you feel you need to before it gets the look you wanted in the first place. Once you do this, apply the sealer or varnish, as many coats as you need to with keeping the place completely dry between each coat. You can also use steel wool between coats to lightly sand the surface so the next one can catch on and create a more interesting look.


Once you finish the previous steps, you will need to put your furniture back together, cleaning up the area after you’re done. Be careful if the piece has upholstery, as upholstery cleaning will be quite difficult to deal with, as well as carpet cleaning or floor cleaning if you happen to have any droplets on the floor. For more helpful and interesting cleaning ideas visit this website.

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