Six Reasons to Invest in Gutter Protection

Friday, March 13th, 2015 by Danny Peterson

Is a gutter protection system a prudent home investment—or is it just a waste of money? Will gutter protection enhance your lifestyle and protect your home—or are the promises made by gutter protection companies too good to be true? We get these questions a lot. They’re only natural, especially if you’ve never had gutter protection equipment installed at your home before. And we’re here to tell you: The investment is absolutely worth it—under the condition that you have gutter protection equipment installed properly. We see a lot of homeowners do it as a DIY job, or perhaps enlist the assistance of subpar/inferior contractors. Of course, in these instances, it is only natural that the gutter guards fail to work properly, and homeowners feel like they’ve been taken for a ride. But when you invest in quality products and professional installation, gutter protection can be extraordinarily advantageous. We can think of six particular reasons to invest in gutter guards.

Gutter Protection Saves You Time 

Here’s the obvious one: If you have a system in place to keep your gutters clean, you don’t have to spend any time hauling out the ladder and climbing up onto the roof to clean ‘em out. Gutter maintenance is recommended as a twice-a-year thing, at a bare minimum, and depending on the scope and layout of your roof it can be pretty time-consuming. A gutter protection system will handle it all for you; once installation is complete, your job is more or less done.

Gutter Protection is Good for Your Health 

Do you know how many homeowners die every year from falling off their ladder, doing what should have been routine gutter maintenance? It’s way too many. The simple reality is that, no matter how careful you are, doing stuff on ladders and roofs always brings a bit of danger. Gutter protection systems help you minimize that risk altogether.

Gutter Protection is Good for Your Roof 

But what happens if you simply don’t clean your gutters, or don’t clean them well? Buildups in your gutters can cause your roof to sag, and can ultimately lead to other issues on the roof as well—standing water, mold and moisture. The bottom line: When you invest in protecting your gutters, you invest in the health and longevity of your roof.

Gutter Protection is Good for Your Home 

But gutter problems don’t just impact your roof. They can impact your entire house. Consider that mold and moisture problems can quickly work their way down into the attic. Consider that runoff from clogged gutters can lead to problems at the base of your home. Again, gutter protection is an investment in the stability of your home, not just in the gutters themselves!

Gutter Protection is Good for Your Landscaping 

Believe it or not, poorly maintained gutters can even take a toll on your landscaping. Simply consider the impact that unregulated water runoff can have on the flower beds, bushes, and terrain below; over time its effect can be truly corrosive. Protecting your gutters means protecting your lawn and garden!

Gutter Protection Extends the Life of Your Gutters 

And let’s not forget that gutter protection is good for, well, your gutters! They can prevent the kind of rust and wear and tear that come from clogged, debris-laden gutters. By investing in gutter protection systems, you can effectively extend the lifespan of your actual gutters! The bottom line for homeowners: When you invest in protecting your gutters, you’re investing in the overall health of your home—and for that matter, your self!


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