Should You Have A Home Inspection Before Selling?

Monday, March 23rd, 2015 by Danny Peterson

A home is a major purchase—likely the most significant investment you will ever make in your life—and as such most homeowners know that it’s important to get the place inspected. Before you sign the dotted line, you hire a professional inspector to thoroughly look things over and suggest any improvements that need to be made. This is an investment of just a few hundred dollars that could potentially save you thousands of dollars, and some major headaches, down the road. But what about those who are on the other end of the transaction? What about homeowners who are looking to sell their property? Is there ever a reason to invest in a home inspection before you put the place on the market? The short answer is that yes, there are plenty of reasons to invest in an inspection before you sell. And here again, it’s going to cost you a few hundred dollars, but in the long run it could actually save you some money or some hassle, and possibly make the selling process go more smoothly.

Reassuring Your Buyers 

Here’s one reason to get the home inspected before you list it: It’s a great way to reassure buyers. You can hand them a certificate of pre-inspection, showing that you’ve had the place evaluated and that it got a green light to proceed to market. Now, will most buyers still opt for their own inspection? Sure they will, and they may even uncover some things that need work. Nevertheless, if you go to the trouble to have it inspected, it allows the buyer to move forward in the process confidently. They’ll know that you’re doing your part to ensure a fair transaction, and they’ll assume that major problems—like termites—are nowhere to be found.

Buying More Time 

When you have a home inspected, you’re almost always going to find an issue or two—even if it’s a new construction or a well-maintained home. Inspectors will always spot issues, because, frankly, that’s just what they do! When your buyer hires an inspector, there may prove some issues you have to fix, and you may have only a few days in which to address them—and as such, you may be rushed into overspending on a contractor’s fees. If you have your own inspection done, though, you can spot potential issues and correct them pre-emptively, and you can do so at your own pace and likely at a more affordable rate.

Get Informed 

If nothing else, having your home inspected before you sell it equips you with knowledge, which can help you head into the negotiation process with a better sense of where you stand. Is your home truly worth what you’re asking for it? Will the buyers likely be asking for certain renovations or repairs to be made? Having an inspection will help you to have a good sense of your own standing and the potential outcomes of the selling process.

Save Money 

Finally, having your home inspected can actually save you money on your repairs and renovations.  Why? Because the home inspector will accurately diagnose the problem and point you toward the most effective way to resolve it; simply knowing what the underlying issue is, instead of having to guess, can prevent you from spending money on repairs that don’t really need to be made. The bottom line is that home inspections are almost always valuable because they provide you with knowledge and insight—and that’s true no matter which side of the transactional process you happen to be on.

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