Timeless Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 by Danny Peterson

Timeless is a word that gets thrown around a lot. When we use the term—to denote a book, a dress, a painting, you name it—what we mean is that the thing exudes a certain sense of style, one that will never go out of fashion or become obsolete. So of course, being timeless is a good thing. If you have something timeless, there won’t ever arise a need to replace or refresh it! When it comes to home remodeling and design, timelessness is especially important and invaluable. When your home has a timeless look to it that means it’s not going to need updating—at least not for aesthetic reasons—any time soon. By contrast, if you choose a trendy or a novelty style for your home—pink carpets, avocado walls—your home will look good for a while, but come to look outdated and tacky in a matter of years. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, timelessness should always be the goal—but that’s easier said than done. How specifically can you achieve a timeless, never-out-of-fashion bathroom look? We’ve got some tips in the bullet points that follow.

  • Start with colors. As with any other room of your home, the best way to attain timeless colors is to keep them neutral. For your walls, white or slight shades of off white are never going to be bad options. To offset and augment them, we would recommend darker wood paneling and furniture—walnuts and mahoganies, for example. This creates a truly classic contrast that any bathroom can benefit from! Of course you will also need to think about the colors of tile you use, both on the floor and along tubs and showers. Watercolors and pastels are good options here—nothing dark, but rather colors that are soothing and tranquil.
  • Move on to countertops and accents. The best options for timelessness are granite or quartz which always come across as clean and elegant.
  • Think about towels. Yes, believe it or not, even your towels—and the way they are hung—speak to the timeless design of your bathroom. White towels are always going to convey hospitality and warmth, while ladders and towel bars are great ways to store your towels.
  • Consider your storage space. You’re going to need places to keep toiletries and the like, and if you look at some older, vintage home designs, what you’ll see is that there is often a lot of storage built in. You may not have built in storage in your bathroom, but there’s no reason why you can’t add it, stealing some bare wall space for cabinetry or simply some free-standing shelves.
  • Go seasonal if you want to. While timelessness is always the goal, there is nothing wrong with some temporary, seasonal touches to bring life and verve to your bathroom—flowers or seasonal accent pieces to match the seasons. This encompasses curtains and window treatments, as well; there’s nothing to say you can’t maintain timelessness while also moving from winter to summer fabrics.

To a large extent, timeless design is something you can grasp instinctively. You probably know what looks good in a bathroom, and what always has; likewise, you can usually spot a flash-in-the-pan look when you see one. If it doesn’t involve traditional colors or tried-and-true materials, you may want to be wary of it. If nothing else, you can always enlist the help of an interior decorator or a remodeling specialist—professionals who have been in plenty of bathrooms, and know which looks will withstand the test of time!

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