Home Maintenance: Getting Your House Ready for Summer

Friday, April 3rd, 2015 by Danny Peterson

Can you believe that summer is just around the corner? After the brutal winter we had, it was beginning to seem like the sun might never shine again—but here we are, with the sun out, the air warmer, the birds singing, and glorious summer just a couple of months away! There are many ways to celebrate and enjoy this season, but also much to do in the way of home maintenance. Summer, like winter, comes with its own home maintenance checklist—some simple and not-so-simple steps homeowners should take to get their homes ready for the new season. So what items should be on your summer checklist? We’ll offer the following!

  1. Take advantage of the spring air! While it’s warm out—but not too hot—turn off the HVAC to give it a rest; open some windows and let air circulate through your home. Put some potted plants near the windows to provide an additional burst of fresh smell.
  2. Make sure the ol’ fridge is running as it should. This means cleaning the condensing coils. Just remove the base plate or top grate from your unit, give everything a good dusting, and then put the plate or grate back on.
  3. Clean and replace your window, door, and porch screens as needed. Make sure you can let summer in while keeping bugs out! If extensive repairs are needed, you may have to call a pro.
  4. Clean off your ceiling fans, and then make sure they are set in the correct direction. You want to have all of them revolving counterclockwise during the summer months, which will push hot air to the ceiling and ensure a cooler living space.
  5. Have some preventative maintenance done on your air conditioning unit. Call the HVAC guy to come out, look it over, clean out the ducts, and make sure everything is running smoothly. This may cost you $100 or so but prevent unspeakable frustration and expense down the road.
  6. Take advantage of the warm-but-not-hot weather to clean and organize your garage—decluttering and getting it ready for summer use.
  7. If you have not done so recently, check around all your doors and windows for cracks or openings, and seal with caulk as needed. You want to do everything in your power to keep cool air in and hot air out this summer! And on that same topic, those who really want to ensure summer energy efficiency may wish to invest in some additional attic insulation.
  8. Toss out your fireplace logs and sweep out your fireplace; you won’t be using it again until fall, so get it looking nice and neat!
  9. Swap out your linens for lighter ones—both in terms of color and actual weight. Do keep some heavier, sun-blocking curtains up, though, which can help you maintain energy efficiency during the summer.
  10. Start thinking now about summer curb appeal! Do some landscaping, repaint or replace your entry door if needed, and put up some new, easy-to-see house numbers.
  11. Change out the air filters in your home; stock up on these to ensure that you can change them regularly, every 60 days or so.
  12. If spring rains yield any leaks or potential roofing issues, call a roofing professional to come out and inspect things. Don’t let roof problems get out of hand!

Summer is a season of fun, but for homeowners it also brings some hard work. Get a jump start on it now, and be ready to greet the new season with open arms!


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