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Any hints for temporarily protecting a storm-damaged roof?

Tarps can be secured over the damaged area or you can have a professional elastomeric roof coating applied.

Can I Build Over My Existing Roof?

We never advise anyone to install a 2nd layer roof. Manufacturers do not warranty overlay shingles, you cannot properly flash areas or install ice/water shield to meet county codes.

Can you explain exactly what roof flashing is?

“Flashing” is sealing areas of a different pitch from the balance of the roof. 

How can I spot a failing roof?

Missing Shingles, Leaking, Tabs blowing in the wind, Algae/Moss on the roof, Moisture in the Attic 

How do I know what type of roofing shingle is best for my roof and my budget?

The best value roofing shingle system is one that will be the longest lasting and the one that will not have any risk of future problems.

How do you know when an asphalt shingle roof needs replacement?

Your shingles may have stains and/or algae, missing shingles, uplifting shingles, or any leak problems

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

It takes around one day for an average roof with a Certified and trained roofing crew.

How Long Should a Roof Last?

New roof systems can now last a lifetime depending on the roofing system you choose.

If My Roof Is Leaking, Do I Need to Replace It?

You can repair affected areas if the roof is not too old. Repairs can be done versus a whole roof replacement

Is installing a roof something an amateur can do?

NO – it is not advisable due to the complexity of the roof and the danger of the height and non-level surface.

Is it possible to get a roof installed in the winter?

Yes, as long as it is not snowing or wet. The shingles will"seal" in the spring when the sun can warm the shingles to have them stick together 

What is the difference between skylights, sky windows, and roof windows?

Skylights are glass openings overhead to allow light into the room –they can be vented or non-opening.  You can have blinds installed in these as well.

Roof Windows allow you to open a window on the side of a roof plane - typically a mansard style roof.

Roof Window tends to be larger than a  skylight making it possible to have a wider view of the sky overhead

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