Smash Your Siding with a Baseball Bat — Will it Dent or Crack?

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 by Danny Peterson

Have you ever accidentally dented or cracked your siding? It’s not that hard to do.

If you’ve got aluminum siding, chances are good that you’ve dented it before by leaning on it or hitting it with a ball (or another object). Sometimes it just develops a mysterious dent all by itself. Not to mention the scratches, fading, chalking and other nasty things that happen to aluminum siding after a while.

If you’ve got vinyl siding, then you’ve probably cracked it before by doing similar things such as leaning, hitting, or mysterious appearance.

Well, here’s a challenge for you. Try to dent or crack our vinyl siding—you’ll find that you can’t. Grab a golf club. Find a baseball bat. Let your kids take a whack at it. Try it yourself. Go to town and pound it. Nothing will happen.

How’s this possible? Simple. Our siding is made of the most durable PVC on the market, and it’s backed by solid foam so it keeps its shape and offers resistance against denting and cracking. The siding is really, really strong. It just doesn’t dent or crack that easily. That’s why we unconditionally guarantee it for life. Check out these stats:

  • Out of THOUSANDS of squares of siding we’ve installed over the years, we usually only get called back to replace dented or cracked panels once or twice a year.
  • In an extreme case where we had a homeowner had 8 panels broken in one day (fallen tree), we had all eight panels replaced immediately for FREE.
  • In another less serious case, two panels were cracked on the same day by a minor collision with a car. The cost to replace: FREE.
  • Our unconditional lifetime guarantee includes breakage due to accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, and of course—children!
  • You can come to our showroom and test them out for yourself. Feel free to whack the siding good. It won’t dent or crack. Give us a call and we’ll have the bat ready.

If you are really interested in finding out about our siding, here are the next steps to take:

  1. Visit our website at to learn more about replacement siding and our company.
  2. Read through the Homeowner’s Guide To Replacement Siding. (if you don’t have a copy you can download it from our website).
  3. Write down any questions you have as you read through the guide.
  4. Call us to schedule an appointment so we can talk about your situation. Our number is 1-301-329-6269.

On behalf of everyone here at Integrity,  I’d like to thank you for your interest, and let you know we look forward to helping you save money on energy bills and improve the looks and safety of your home.

“Integrity Home Pro installed new windows for my mother in law last week. Everything was stress free and the process was seamless from beginning to end. Donaldo did an amazing job installing and they look fantastic! I would highly recommend them.”

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