Are Copper Rain Gutters Right for You?

Friday, March 14th, 2014 by Danny Peterson

Copper rain gutters are possibly the most prestigious and elegant choice in gutters available, but are they right for you and your home? They are more costly than other options, but they could also become a lasting and worthwhile investment that pays off down the road. The current-future cost comparison is something every homeowner should consider before purchasing copper (or any other) gutters. But before they look at cost alone, they should gain a deeper understanding of the distinct advantages that only copper has to offer.

#1 Long life span.

Copper is a pure, natural material that offers unique visual characteristics. It is incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion in virtually every atmosphere. It requires no cleaning, no decoration, and virtually no maintenance, excluding the occasional debris removal. Plus, copper is eco-friendly, entirely recyclable, and safe to use. Even better, it can be utilized in all types of temperatures.

#2 Low maintenance.

Copper is not only corrosion resistant and pleasing to the eye, it is also a fantastic fungicide and algaecide. That means it keeps moss, lichens, and other growths to a bare minimum. This is crucial, as such growths could lead to major drain blockages and incurred maintenance costs. Even more, fixing techniques and details tend to make copper the easiest to use material for cladding, roofing, flashing, and yes, gutters.

#3 Durability.

Copper rain gutters will be clearly exposed to the elements. Unlike other materials, copper stays protected. It develops a patina, which can form if it is damaged. In turn, your copper rain gutters have a greater level of durability than most other options. And unlike aluminum or various other gutter materials, copper will not undergo underside corrosion.

#4 Cost.

You might not think the cost of copper is an advantage. However, copper is one of the most competitive building materials on the market. While prices might be higher than other materials, you will able to know the investment pays off. In addition, because copper is so durable, you will not need to replace these types of gutters as frequently as traditional ones. You might even need to replace traditional gutters a few times before you would ever need to replace copper ones.

#5 Contraction and expansion.

With a low expansion rate in weather, copper has about 40 percent less than lead or zinc. In turn, copper gutters can fit to your home and you won’t have to worry about expansion joints on shorter straight runs. If guttering is properly secured to brackets, the malleability and ductility is so efficient that even slight movements from thermal expansion or contraction are not likely to cause issues, such as cracking or buckling. These issues are much more common with other gutter materials.

#6 Design options.

There are many different styles of copper gutters. As such, this already-attractive addition can be made even more appealing and can better suit your home’s unique style. You can choose from rounded gutters or traditional rectangular types. You could also purchase gutters with embossed designs for a special design flair. Other homeowners go for a more rustic, natural look and let the elements leave their mark on the gutters. They allow the “patina process” to occur. When that happens, copper will oxidize and turn a greenish hue. When evaluating your options, consider more than the upfront cost of copper gutters. They could increase property value, keep up home value as compared to your neighbors’ homes, save costs on maintenance, and perhaps best of all, copper rain gutters are simply beautiful.