Remodeling Case Studies: Bathroom Remodeling in Rockville, MD


Have you ever fallen in love with and purchased some building materials, but not had the talent or time to install them yourself? Have you ever wondered if you could find a Home Improvement company who would bend over backward to make you happy? As Bogart said, “Here’s looking at you, Kid!”


Integrity Home Pro is a professional Rockville MD Remodeling company who fits the description and Patty found that out by putting them to the test. Patty had purchased some floor tile, a mirror, and light fixture she liked and wanted to find someone who could utilize them along with finding the necessary aesthetic accompaniment to bring the look together.

She gave Integrity Home Pro a call for a free, no-obligation in-home estimate for her bathroom to be remodeled using the materials she’d found and purchased. Bathroom and Home Improvement Specialist, Danny, provided her with a winning estimate, and then his crews got to work transforming her bathroom.

Why are we willing to work with our clients using their pre-purchased materials? Because our goal is to make our clients happy and provide them with a more comfortable home to enjoy with their families. Yes, we need to earn a living, but our client’s happiness is important to us.

Afterall, without our family of clients, we wouldn’t even have a business! Give us a call today, and let us help you solve your Home Improvement Problem!

“My designer from Integrity created such beautiful bathroom in my condo. The designers were very helpful with showing us all the great designs and materials that we could use in our tub and determining the perfect layout.”

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