Integrity Home Pro Case Studies: Virginia’s Roof is Finished, Let the Weather Commence!


Virginia’s roof was leaking quite badly – she needed help! What she did not know was the roof was in such poor repair that the wood sheathing under the shingles was soft, like a sponge, from having been exposed to weather for such a long time. Some of Virginia’s family had encouraged her to ‘just get a second layer of shingles applied,’ but her son, having worked in the construction field, thought it might be better to have someone with roofing expertise give her an assessment and estimate for a replacement.

Virginia called Integrity for a free, no obligation estimate on her roofing project.


Home Improvement and Roofing Specialist, Brian, inspected the roof and recommended that it be totally replaced. His experience told him that covering this roof with another layer of shingles was a very short-term solution which would end in a more costly job in a short time.

Integrity worked with Virginia and her son to find a financial solution for the roof replacement, which was initially more costly than applying another layer of shingles, but would yield lasting results and came with a guarantee for 25 years.

As with many home repairs, below the surface can hold surprises. In this case, the sheathing under the shingles was spongy, having been water saturated for years. Had Virginia opted to ‘just apply another layer of shingles,’ the nails would not have gripped and held the new shingles for long. (Virginia could understand this, as she had leaks inside her home that attested to the gravity of the situation).

Crew Chief Raul and his team tore off the old shingles, replaced the damaged, water logged sheathing, hauled away the debris, and replaced the roof with new sheathing and charcoal colored GAF shingles that hold a 25 year warranty – all in time for Virginia to truly enjoy the first snow of the season – which came the day after the work was completed.

Virginia can rest easy now, no matter how the weather rages. If you are concerned that your roof might not be in shape for the season, give Integrity a call for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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