Remodeling Case Studies: House Remodel in Annapolis, MD


Mark and Kelly in Annapolis, MD recently closed on a new property that needed home improvement work done before they could move in and call it home. The kitchen was dated, several windows needed to be replaced, walls needed to be moved, electric and plumbing updates were needed, and the flooring in the kitchen and living areas needed to be replaced with continuous hardwood flooring. Mark and Kelly had met previously with the Integrity team about work in their old home, but at the time, they decided not to have any work done. Now, knowing that their new home needed work before they could move in, they reestablished a connection with Integrity. Mark and Kelly met with our Specialist, Danny, who gave them an estimate for the work they wanted done. They liked the estimate, and were ready to proceed.


The Integrity Crew began by gutting the kitchen and living areas, pulling up the old flooring, building new innerwalls, installing plumbing and electric,. They installed hardwood cabinets, sleek steel countertops and new appliances in the kitchen which gave it a modern look. In the living areas, Integrity installed new hardwood flooring, new lighting, and painted the walls and trim.

“Company performed services that I needed in a relatively short period of time.”

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