Siding Case Studies: New Frost-Free Water Bib (Spigot) to help manage Freezing in Crofton, MD


Dawn was having her home resided by Integrity and emailed asking if her external spigot and pipe could be replumbed so that it would not freeze. Because it was an external spigot, there was no way to guarantee that re-plumbing would keep the spigot and pipe on the exterior wall from freezing. Newer building codes required a deeper wall than old to assist in protecting pipes on exterior walls from freezing, but still, winterizing and emptying the pipe, (which Dawn was tired of doing) was still the surest way to protect against an exterior line freeze.

Danny recommended replacing the hose bib (spigot) with a frost-free hose bib, but felt he could not adequately advise her until he or someone on his team could see just what she was talking about. He suggested that he send someone out to look at the water pipe, and see if they could devise a way to help Dawn.


Team Robbie to the rescue: Robbie looked at the situation, and devised a way to cut off the external, exposed water pipe running along the side of the house to and replumb her spigot to an inset spigot with a frost-free hose bib. Dawn was elated with the solution which was a creative alternative which may well work, but at least would save her time if she still did need to drain the faucet for the winter, since the pipe that ran along the outside of the wall is no more.

A happy solution for all.

“Company performed services that I needed in a relatively short period of time.”

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