Integrity Home Pro Case Studies: Townhouse Flat Roof Project in Washington, DC


Reina’s Historic Townhouse had an old, leaking flat roof with a front slope. She knew that she needed a company that was both certified in and experienced in replacing flat roofs. She contacted Integrity Home Pro, which is known for their expert knowledge, skills and care in addressing all types of roofing problems. Integrity sent their Roofing Specialist out to inspect and estimate the cost of replacement. Danny inspected the roof and gave Reina a free, no obligation estimate for the job. Reina knew that Integrity Home Pro was the company she wanted to install her new flat-roof.



Enter Integrity Crew Chief Pepe Prado and his team! There was a springy, spongy feeling when walking on some places on the roof due to water damage and wood rot below the roofing membrane. Pepe and Crew stripped the old roofing materials off and hauled away the debris, exposing the spongy and rotted places on the roof and replaced them with new wood underlayment. They made sure the structure was solid, before moving on to install the DenseDeck and secured it carefully. Next, the GAF Rubber membrane (with a lifetime warranty) was installed- with apron flashing, pipe collars, and new gutter lines. Finally, the HVAC, and Sattelite Dish were secured and the seams and flashing were reinspected and reinforced against leaksand all of the construction debris was cleaned up and hauled away.

Reina was happy that she no longer had to worry about roof leaks that would damage her townhouse. Integrity Home Pro gives their customers long warranties on their work and uses materials with valuable warranties. The Integrity Team ensures that the customer’s job is done with the same care that they would expend on their own homes. It is the Golden Rule – Do for others as you would have them do for you. Integrity – that is our company and it is also our way of life! Give us a call for your home-remodeling or repair needs!

“I couldn't be happier with the job that Integrity Golden Rule did on my kitchen. They redid my flooring throughout, knocked down a wall to expand it and make it bigger, painted it and placed my appliances where i asked them to. They did all this on my budget and in a timely manner. My kitchen looks amazing. Thank you Integrity team!!!”

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