Remodeling Case Studies: Tile Repair in Bowie, MD


Jeff and Jan didn’t need a total remodel to their bathroom at this time, but they did want to make some changes to fix the tile that had been improperly installed by another contractor, and was now, prematurely breaking up and causing problems. They also wanted to have their leaking plumbing fixed, switch out the old fixtures in the soaking tub with correctly installed new ones, and tear out the bathroom floor tile, replacing it with hardwood. Once tile and substrates have been improperly installed, the loose grout will be a long-standing problem.


Integrity Crew Chief Shawn and his team got to work with the transformation and managed to finish it in record time with high praise from Jeff and Jan. Replacing the floor tile with hard wood flooring gave the room a warmer and more modern feel. They fixed the plumbing leaks, and also repaired broken grout in the shower and tub surround. Sometimes, just a couple of small tweaks to your present home can upgrade the beauty, comfort and value of your home, but remember to call an experienced, licensed professional if you aren’t an experienced DYIer, because saving money by using the lowest estimate can sometimes cost you more in the end by having to have the job redone.

Give Integrity Home Pro a call. Let our team help you find a way to make changes that will make you and your family more comfortable and increase the value and efficiency of your home. We guarantee the job will be done right.

“Company performed services that I needed in a relatively short period of time.”

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