Integrity Home Pro Case Studies: Bathroom Remodeling in Bowie, MD


Russell and Christina decided that they had lived long enough with two-and-a-half dated baths that needed modernizing and beautifying. They had gotten their use out of the pink and blue baths, and were ready for a simple spa-like ambiance. Previously, they’d had a great experience with the Integrity Home Pro Team on their home remodeling projects, so, again, they called for an appointment to set the ball rolling.

Integrity Remodeling Specialist Ben came, listened, delivered a good value estimate, and the ball began to roll!


Robbie and his crew quickly demolished the bathrooms down to the joists and cleaned-up the debris in preparation for the transformation. They updated the plumbing and electrical and installed the new drywall and the new underlayment for the shower and tub. Next, they installed the shower liner and new acrylic tub then came the custom tiled flooring and shower/bath walls. Finally, they painted, installed new fixtures, mirrors, hardware and finishing touches. Robbie’s motto is “make sure the job is perfect before you call it finished!” and so he did.

Russell and Christina were extremely pleased with Robbie’s motto and his work. Give Integrity a call and make an appointment for a free, no obligation estimate when you are ready to transform some or all of your home into a more comfortable place to spend time with your family!

“Company performed services that I needed in a relatively short period of time.”

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