Creating Sunroom Additions with Fireplace Features

Thursday, December 5th, 2013 by Danny Peterson

For homeowners in Baltimore or Washington, D.C. who are hoping to incorporate sunroom additions with fireplace features in their home, the options are plentiful.

A sunroom on its own is a desirable addition to that residence, because it allows lush views and plenty of natural light to flood the space. However, adding a fireplace to your sunroom makes it an even better spot to read, relax, and spend time with friends and family. There are a number of different fireplace options available to homeowners, depending on where they live, the size of the room, and other factors.

Adding a fireplace to your sunroom

Whether you are hoping for a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, a wood burning fireplace, or a sleek and eco-friendly choice, the options are seemingly limitless. For homeowners trying to find the best way to select sunroom additions with fireplace features, keep in mind that the fireplace will become a focal point of the room. This means that you want to choose a piece that you really love, and that reflects your design style properly.

Additionally, as you select a fireplace, it is important that you do some research about adding a fireplace to the space. While you may be excited about the idea of a fireplace and may want to rush to add yours today, you want to adhere to building codes as you go. This is why it is necessary to work with a contractor who has a solid understanding of these building codes, and can complete the project according to these regulations. A fireplace is a beautiful touch, but you don’t want to cause a legal mess for yourself if you add one too hastily.

About various fireplace options

Though you may believe that you need to add a small fireplace unit to your sunroom, larger and more traditional units also add an elegant touch to this living space when done correctly. The key to adding a bold fireplace in the room is to make sure that it will not upstage the rest of the sunroom. Try adding other visual touches around the fireplace, like contrasting brick or mantle decorations, in order to balance the weight of the piece in the rest of the room. This allows the fireplace to remain the focus of the room, without causing it to dominate and overtake the rest of the space.

For those homeowners in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. who are hoping to use their sunroom to soak up the views of the greenery in their backyard, a more understated fireplace is probably the best approach. A smaller fireplace still allows for plenty of warmth and comfort, without detracting from the lush, relaxing scene in your backyard. To maximize the light, airy feeling in the room, consider adding skylights directly over the small fireplace.

If your sunroom is on the smaller side, a smaller fireplace will blend in better than a larger and more dramatic piece. When it comes to sunroom additions with fireplace features, the size of the fireplace should be in proportion with the size of the room. This means that larger fireplaces look right at home in a large sunroom.

However, don’t worry if your best bet is to choose a smaller fireplace. Even more understated fireplaces are able to emit plenty of heat and light, allowing you to get that same cozy feeling in the room without the overpowering effects of a larger addition. For sunrooms that offer a rustic feel, old-fashioned stovepipe fireplaces are often the perfect touch. They help perpetuate that “cozy cabin in the woods” feeling, while still providing plenty of warmth for the room.

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