Home Decorations Ideas for All Saints Day Celebration

Friday, November 1st, 2013 by Danny Peterson

Author: Donna Spencer

All Saints Day is celebrated in many parts of the world. Most of them are celebrated in free spirit. Now, there are many people who show interest in decorating their homes in pure Christian form for celebrating the known and unknown saints. It is not just the festival for celebrating the saints, but it is also a means by which people enjoy the last few days of autumn. The following tips will help you in your home decoration, celebrating the festival in pure bliss.

First, it is necessary that you get rid of all the Halloween items and products. You can change the jack-o-lantern pumpkins placed at the mantle of your fireplace, with cross-engraved and lockets. There are many websites, where you will be able to find many significant decoration items on sale for the celebration.

Wooden Wall Hangings Celebrating Saints Day

Center Piece

You can make a center price in your home. You can either buy them straight from a store, or you can make a one by yourself. Now, for making the centerpiece, you will need to collect some beautifully colored natural leaves. Make sure that you clean the branches and the leaves properly and then dry them.

The final step will of pouring them inside a jar or a colored lamp filled with water. You can hang saint medals around the branches for creating a holy atmosphere. You can even place pumpkins just at the bottom of the jar. Now, you might find a lot of LED lights in stores, which can be used for illuminating the branches and making the medals visible out of the leaves. The pumpkins can have rosary drawn over them.

The Walls and Doors

You can always hang saint pennants on window tops and doors. The pennants can also be crafted at home. You can ask your children to make small drawings of angels and then stick them together to make a pennant. You can also decorate with saint and angel cut outs. You can stick them at the mantle of the fireplace.

Something New and Different

To try something completely new, you can make bookshelf out of FRP beams. This is very different from the conventional sense. You will just need to pile the colorful beams together and arrange one above another. You can position in your kid’s room or the main hallway. You can incorporate many items upon the shelf. However, the best way would be if you ask your kids to make all saints day buckets. For this, you will have to collect a number of colorful, small plastic buckets at first. Stick cute saint stickers upon them and then cover them with a mixture of water and glue. You can also use paints that glow in the dark.

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You can always play in your ideas in to the decoration. You can decorate the table top with cutleries that have “blessed thee” and “grace” words engraved upon them. You can also use wooden wall hangings displaying words and Christian phrases and you can hang them at any corner of the house.