Induction Cooking – The Cutting Edge Technology In The Cook Top Market

Thursday, February 13th, 2014 by Danny Peterson

Have you ever thought to have boiling water in as little as 90 seconds on a smooth and flameless range top? It could sear at a hotter temperature, simmer the sauce gently and could go from a rolling boil to a standstill within a blink of an eye. Even if you put a paper towel in between the pot and the range while the water boils, it won’t catch fire. Don’t consider it as future magic nonsense because it’s real, and it’s known as induction cooker.

But what is induction cooking and how does it work in real

It works on Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction where an electric power coil produces high frequency of the electromagnetic field. This field penetrates into the cooking vessel made of ferrous material. This generated heat is transferred to the contents of the vessel. There is no wastage of heat because; as soon as the vessel is removed from the top element or the element is turned off, the heat stops.


  • Has cooler cooking surface: The heat is generated in between the contents and the cooking vessel only. As soon as the vessel is been removed, the heat on the surface is transferred back from the pan. It has a cooler cooking surface because the surface has no contact with an open flame or radiant electric to radiate heat.
  • Easy to clean: If there is a spill it could be cleaned immediately. Conventional coil or gas top takes on an average 10 minutes to cool so that it could be cleaned safely.
  • Speed: Inductive electric cooktops heats up faster than electric or gas. Water boils in half the time that it takes in gas or electric ranges. Thus, it speeds up the cooking time.
  • Control: Apart from boiling power a chef needs a precise cooking with a lighter touch. To get such kind of control, home chefs prioritize gas over electric. But a drawback of gas burner is that it provides poor temperature range resulting in frustration in between non professional burners. Hence an induction cooktop is the best of both the worlds as it caters wide temperature range and responsive control.
  • Safety: It is one of the utmost and important factors that have to be taken care while dealing with gas burner but as it does not have any open flame there is no severe burning. Thus any of the family members could cook on it.
  • Efficiency: According to government estimates, it has been found that induction cookers have 84% efficiency rather than gas or electric that ranges 38% or 73% respectively.
  • Cheaper: It is far more energy efficient than the traditional one because it uses 90% of every dollar you spend on your energy bills as compared to gas 55% and traditional electric about 65%. Moreover, as soon as you remove it from the cooking surface, the cooktop automatically set itself back to standby mode which means that it uses almost no energy.

The unknown facts about induction cooking:

  • As they are light weight and mobile you could place it anywhere in the house, the only thing you need is a power source.
  • They are affordable and easier to maintain as compared to conventional respective appliances.
  • It also provides various preset cooking settings and a range of cooking options.

Last but not the least you would be delighted and would find the cooking easier and much safer.

Author Bio:

Dessy Anaiwan is a blogger and an experienced marketing consultant who has a strong background in market research and sales of major kitchen appliances like an inductive electric cooktops and cookers. She is keen to share her knowledge of the latest development in the region of kitchen appliances.