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Beauty & function. When remodeling a kitchen, it's important to include features that will give you the look you want while keeping functionality in mind.

Integrity Home Pro provides complete kitchen remodeling services, from the initial design to the finishing touches.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. By remodeling your kitchen, you will add value to your home and create a welcoming and functional space. Our design experts will make sure your kitchen includes all the features you want, and our experienced installers will handle all the details.

Contact us today to begin designing your dream kitchen! We provide no-obligation kitchen design consultations in Bowie, Glen Burnie, Lanham, and nearby. Call us or click below to request your in-home consultation and free kitchen remodeling cost estimate.

Before and After
  • Kitchen Remodel in Silver Spring, MD
    Kitchen Remodel in Silver Spring, MD

    Joyce's small kitchen in Silver Spring, MD needed an update. The current colors, fixtures, cabinets, flooring and back splash had been serviceable in times gone by, but modern materials with a contemporary flair is what she wanted.

    She gave Integrity Home Pro a call to have their kitchen specialist out to help her with ideas and choices, and to give her a free, no obligation estimate on the work she wanted done.

    In short order, the crew was scheduled to visit her kitchen and work their magic. They gutted the old, removed the debris, and installed the new ideas from flooring to cabinetry, paint, light fixtures, and appliances. Joyce loved the transformation! Integrity Home Pro loved that Joyce was happy. Give Integrity a call. We are making homes beautiful for area families one room at a time!

  • Turning Wasted Space into Great Looking Storage in Ft Washington, MD
    Turning Wasted Space into Great Looking Storage in Ft Washington, MD

    Dan's stainless steel refrigerator was positioned in a cove with an excess of unused space surrounding it. The proportions between the refrigerator and the surrounding space gave the room an unfinished, awkward look.

    Dan wanted the space filled in with storage, so he called Integrity Home Pro Kitchen Specialist, Danny, to give him an estimate on what it would cost to give the refrigerator a 'built-in' look while providing additional needed storage. Dan liked the idea of using Wolf Classic Cabinets fit to the space, with interior cabinet lighting.

    Once the plan and estimate met with Dan's approval, Integrity Crew Chief Robbie arrived to perform the cabinetry magic. In a short time, the new storage was ready for use, and Dan's refrigerator area went from awkward space to amazing function, as you can see from the photos.

    When you are ready to bring your home remodeling ideas to life, give Integrity Home Pro a call to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. We are honored to serve you! 410-721-9577.


  • Tearing Down to Open Up
    Tearing Down to Open Up

    The Chandra's kitchen was hidden behind walls. In essence, not letting it be apart of the home. They wanted the walls gone and Integrity provided. They now have an open kitchen that makes it the center of everything. Check out what she has to say:

  • Kitchen Remodel in Bowie, MD
    Kitchen Remodel in Bowie, MD

    Lewis' kitchen, in Bowie, MD, needed remodeling. His original kitchen and appliances were out-dated. After contacting Integrity and receiving a free, no-obligation, firm estimate on the work he wanted to have done, the work was scheduled. The Integrity Crew got to work immediately, gutting the entire original kitchen andprparing for the new installations. New cabinets, countertops, lightfixtures, and backsplash were installed, along with a new sink and new kitchen appliances. Lewis chose to have a modern and popular kitchen feature: the granite topped island, installed which doubles as a workspace and snack bar. Lewis was very pleased with the end result, and when our clients are happy, we are happy. Integrity's job is not complete until the client is happy.

  • A Kitchen Remodel Improves Quality of Life in Hanover, MD
    A Kitchen Remodel Improves Quality of Life in Hanover, MD

    Chris and Marie's kitchen and dining areas were small, dark, and separated. They wanted to open up the wall and modernize the space by taking out a wall, adding storage and counterspace, not to mention new cabinetry, flooring, additional electrical outlets, lighting and appliances. They wanted what every cook seems to want: a nice workspace where you can entertain while putting the finishing touches on the food.

    Danny was the first member of the Integrity Home Pro team to visit Chris and Marie. Based on his conversation with them, he came up with a plan and a free, no-obligation estimate on what it would cost to transform their kitchen and dining areas. Chris and Marie were sold on the ideas, and having been a former client, also sold on the way the Integrity team operates - with precision and care.

    Andy and his crew came in, knocked out the wall, and in short order, turned the kitchen and dining area into a contemporary work space that was beautiful enough to also entertain in. They replaced the flooring, installed custom cabinetry, recessed lighting, new plumbing, new appliances, trim and paint. The works! 

    Marie and Chris were extremely happy with the outcome, and Integrity Home Pro was also happy to have another satisfied customer. Integrity Home Pro is out to beautify the world, one kitchen at a time! Give us a call when you are ready to beautify your home!

  • Kitchen Remodel in Crofton, MD
    Kitchen Remodel in Crofton, MD

    A homeowner in Crofton, MD was in need of a kitchen remodel and reached out to our team at Integrity Home Pro for help. Our crew members went out and did a fantastic job on the project. The floors were replaced, as well as the cabinets, countertops, drawers, and appliances. The finished look is simply amazing.

  • Flooring Replacement & Installation Project in Crofton, MD
    Flooring Replacement & Installation Project in Crofton, MD

    A homeowner in Crofton, MD was renovating their kitchen and also had their floors redone. Our workers took out the original tiles and replaced them with new beautiful kitchen flooring.  Call today for a FREE estimate on a remodeling project that you've always wanted to complete!

  • Wall Removal and Kitchen Remodel in Crofton
    Wall Removal and Kitchen Remodel in Crofton

    When the Integrity Home Pro team began, a wall separated the dated kitchen from the diningroom in this Crofton Home.

    Upon completion of the project, the added natural lighting (from the wall removal) and the modernized kitchen gave our clients an inviting and functional space in which to host casual meals or elegant gatherings with confidence and comfort.

  • Kitchen Remodel in Crofton, MD
    Kitchen Remodel in Crofton, MD

    Mary Kay's small kitchen had little storage and work space. She wanted to knock out a wall, change the flooring, paint, change the cabinets, add lighting, and rearrange it to make it a functional and open kitchen and dining area in which she could entertain comfortably- an entire kitchen remodel. She contacted Integrity Home Pro because we'd done work for her before that she was pleased with. 

    Danny came out, listened to her needs and wishes, designed the kitchen she described and gave her a free, no obligation estimate. Our Integrity Team headed up by Shawn came in and followed the plan to create the light-filled, spacious, and functional kitchen of her dreams! Integrity will come and listen to you, and pay attention to your desires, not tell you what you ought to have. Give us a call, let us help you make the kitchen of your dreams a reality!

  • Kitchen Remodel in Crownsville, MD
    Kitchen Remodel in Crownsville, MD

    John in Crownsville, MD contacted Integrity Home Pro to have some renovations done in the kitchen of his home. Firstly they removed the original materials that were in the old kitchen, and prepared to install the new products. They installed brand new white cabinets, countertops, and installed new appliances as well. John was very pleased with his new kitchen and our team could not have done a better job. Everything looks amazing.

  • Kitchen Remodeling For Home in Crownsville, MD
    Kitchen Remodeling For Home in Crownsville, MD

    John and Jackie M of Crownsville, MD, were ready for a kitchen remodel on their dated and inefficient kitchen. A wall needed to come down, plumbing moved, flooring and cabinets replaced, paint, new recessed lighting installed... They wanted the works!

    Integrity Home Pro, having done work for them previously, were the contractors that John and Jackie knew they wanted to hire. Kitchen Specialist, Danny, met with John and Jackie to discuss their kitchen ideas and help them fit all their dreams into the budget that they had to work with.

    Once they had the plan and the price, Shawn and his team came in and demoed the old kitchen and began work on the new. They moved some plumbing, took out a wall, installed new LED recessed lights, installed electrical outlets where new ones were needed, laid Armstrong Luxe Plank Flooring, painted over the yellow, added a ceramic tile back splash, an under mount sink, cabinets and a Cambria Pary Quartz counter top to turn the old space into an efficient and beautiful new kitchen for Jackie and John.

    John and Jackie were happy with the results, and Integrity Home Pro was happy to have another happy customer. The Integrity Team doesn't want to merely remodel their customers homes, we want to make our customers completely happy. Give us a call for a firm, no cost estimate on your home remodeling dreams.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Pasadena, MD
    Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Pasadena, MD

    Denise in Pasadena, MD needed to have her kitchen renovated and contacted our team to have this project done. Our crew worked very hard in gutting out the old kitchen area and preparing it for the new installations. They installed brand new white cabinets, countertops, kitchen appliances, and they also put in new hardwood floors. Denise could not have been anymore happier with her new kitchen. Our workers did an amazing job. 

  • Kitchen Before and After in Pasadena, MD
    Kitchen Before and After in Pasadena, MD

    Denise had some ideas to make her kitchen space more efficient and user friendly. She needed a contractor who could understand her ideas, and then make them a reality without the need to hire an architect. She also wanted a full-service contractor- one who could take her kitchen and first floor ideas from demo to completion. She wanted her pantry moved, an island counter installed, additional electrical circuits and pendant lighting, install and refinish the floors in her entire first floor, and handle all the little details of the job without her having to stress over it.


    Denise called in Integrity Home Pro Specialist Danny to give her an estimate on the total package of work to be done. The price was right, so in came Integrity Crew Chiefs Shawn and Tracy with their crew... In short time, the new floor was laid throughout the first floor, refinished and covered with protective covering while phase two, the kitchen remodel, was completed.

    Denise chose Wolf Classic Saginaw cabinets and Cambria Buckingham countertops for her kitchen with a complementary tile backsplash installation. The reveal was satisfying and beautiful! Her kitchen and home were beautiful and functional. 

    When you are ready to turn your remodeling dreams and ideas into reality, give Integrity a call and let us make your remodeling dreams come true!

  • Kitchen Remodel in Arnold, MD
    Kitchen Remodel in Arnold, MD

    This homeowner here in Arnold, MD had decided it was time for an upgrade and put their trust in us to remodel their kitchen. The team at Integrity Home Pro made sure we used soft colors, high quality tile and materials to make this the best investment for our customer's. With the end result, we can proudly say they couldn't of been more excited.

  • Countertop Replacement & Installation in Cheverly, MD
    Countertop Replacement & Installation in Cheverly, MD

    A homeowner in Cheverly, MD needed to have their countertops replaced. Our team at Integrity installed new countertops and cabinets, and replaced the pony wall with bedboard skin. The homeowner is completely satisfied with how it turned out and so are we! 

What to expect from our kitchen remodeling process

Your beautiful and functional new kitchen starts with our in-home design consultation. During your visit, we will discuss what you like and don't like about your kitchen and what you want to change. We will help you decide which features are most important to you and explore all the different options for cabinets, countertops, storage solutions and more. We will then provide you with a personalized design plan and estimate, so you will know the proposed cost of your project upfront.

We understand that remodeling your kitchen can be disruptive. That's why our professional contractors try to minimize the impact on your home and family as much as possible. We're committed to completing your project on time and we always clean up thoroughly when we're done. The only thing you'll have to do is plan your first meal in your new kitchen!

Transform your kitchen with the right upgrades

Remodeling your kitchen doesn't have to be overwhelming. We can turn your dated kitchen into a modern, functional space with a few upgrades. Our remodeling experts will work with you to discuss your wishlist and design a plan that maximizes your space while creating a kitchen that you'll love spending time in.

custom kitchen design in Bowie, MD, DE, VA, and NJ

Custom solutions. We will help you find the right cabinets, counters and finishing details for your design and needs.


Your kitchen cabinets are the first feature of your kitchen that guests will notice. We work only with quality, brand name manufacturers to make sure you get the very best in your kitchen. Custom cabinets and cabinet replacement are the ultimate solution for getting the kitchen you've always dreamed of, but they don't make sense for every budget.


Your countertop is another major focal point of your kitchen. Replacing your outdated countertop can enhance the overall beauty of the space. There are several surface options available for every style and budget. We can help you find the perfect countertop for your kitchen and provide professional installation.

Storage and organization

Inadequate kitchen storage and poor organization are two common complaints of homeowners. Let us solve that for you by maximizing the space you already have. We can add pullout trays to existing base cabinets and install shelves. If you choose to install new cabinets, we'll help you incorporate storage features to make sure you're getting the best function out of your beautiful new kitchen.

Finishing touches

The options for updating your kitchen are endless and can include new appliances, hardwood flooring, new sinks and faucets, decorative lighting, water filtration, backsplashes and more. We will gladly provide advice on selecting the best products and design features for your kitchen.

Recent Testimonials
  • ""Thank you for everything you did to make us love our home again after a disaster with another contracting..." Read Full Testimonial

    Steve and Karen G. of Annapolis, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              "We'll definitely use your company again (and we've already referred you to others). [This rating was submitted: 5 out of 5 stars.]"
    Steve and Karen G.
    Annapolis, MD
  • "Gigi and Raj were not happy with their kitchen. It was separated from everything." Read Full Testimonial

    Gigi C. of Ellicott City, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              They had Integrity bust out the wall restricting them from everything. Now they have a beautiful open kitchen.
    Gigi C.
    Ellicott City, MD
  • "My fiance and I were very pleased with his professionalism, and he is very nice." Read Full Testimonial

    Marquitta D. of Baltimore, MD

    Customer Testimonial

              We are very much looking forward too working with Marquitta and her fiancé on their kitchen renovation. It was so nice of her to offer up some of her kind words to us.
    Marquitta D.
    Baltimore, MD

Integrity Home Pro can give your kitchen a complete facelift

As the local full-service home remodelers, Integrity Home Pro are the experts you need for all your kitchen remodeling services. We will be with you every step of the way from design to completion, ensuring that you get the kitchen of your dreams.

If you're ready to upgrade your kitchen, call us today or contact us online for a free kitchen remodeling cost estimate today. We offer all our remodeling services in Lanham, Glen Burnie, Bowie, Baltimore, Annapolis, Philadelphia, Columbia, Germantown, Atlantic City, Pasadena, and nearby areas in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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