Learn more about Integrity Home Pro's recent work requests in Bowie, MD
Vicinity of Aspen Leaf Court in Bowie
Water spots in ceiling from roof leaking over garage area.
Vicinity of Lisborough Rd in Bowie
Looking to replace front entry doors (double).
Vicinity of River Gate Ln in Bowie
My HOA have approved my request to install a retractable screen storm door Provia Spectrum 295 Full View Double Prairie in Green. Please provide a quote for this door with beveled glass with brass inlay and the Windsor Lifetime Brass handle. I would also like a quote for just plan glass with Spectrum 291. Both quotes should be for a green Spectrum retractable as our front door is green.
Vicinity of Downey Court in Bowie
I have a sliding glass door that I need replaced with french doors.
Vicinity of Hillmeade Station Drive in Bowie
Hello, We need the following replaced. Currently they are wood but I'd rather have no maintenance. I believe you clad the existing wood and replace rotted wood where needed? Looking for vented soffits too and oversized gutters. Soffits Eaves Facias Gutters Also, there are 2 columns on our front porch supporting the roof overhang. These columns need to be replaced, they are rotting. I'd also like some type of composite or no maintenance material for these. We also like the craftsman look, but not sure how you could match the brick on the front of our house for the base of the columns.
Vicinity of Norwalk Pl in Bowie
Might need a roof replacement. Have a leak.
Vicinity of Homestake Drive South in Bowie
Roof replacement possibly a deck
Vicinity of Maureen Lane in Bowie
I want to replace the sliding glass door to one with greater thermal insulation and greater sound barrier with the outside.
Vicinity of Dickens Pride Ct. in Bowie
We had a carpenter ant breakout through our master shower tiles. We are currently working with a pest control company to eradicate and prevent, but we need three things - a contractor to: 1) to come in and open the wall behind the shower (via a closet) and help determine, coordinating with our pest contractor, if and how much damage has been done and make repairs, if needed. 2) to inspect the roof for leaks and clean gutters if necessary. 3) to possibly provide an estimate on remodeling the master shower. Thanks, Sheri
Vicinity of Youngwood Turn in Bowie
The turbine on the roof blew off during a storm and I need an estimate as prior estimates are for a full roof replacement, gutters and vents. How soon could you provide an estimate?
Vicinity of Traymore Lane in Bowie
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on integrityhomepro.com that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: windows & doors. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Eastview Ct in Bowie
Need repairs done on a high roof. Some shingles have come off.
Vicinity of Gwinnett Lane in Bowie
Skylight replacement , Dryrot roof truss repair, gutters repaired
Vicinity of Hatties Progress Dr in Bowie
I have a small leak in my family room caused by some damaged shingles at the overhang.
Vicinity of Artesian Ln in Bowie
Wood rot
Vicinity of Spyglass Hill in Bowie
Need roofing estimate and work done right away. Insurance company has provided an estimate, as well as another company, and we are ready to do the work.
Vicinity of Gresham Court in Bowie
I need an estimate for a new roof.
Vicinity of Kornett Ln in Bowie
I would like to get estimate for siding replacement.
Vicinity of Oval Lane in Bowie
Need new roof over garage. Looking for an estimate please
Vicinity of Firtree Lane in Bowie
One window to install- more in the future
Vicinity of Maroon in Bowie
Interested in siding repair or whole new install.
Vicinity of Kegwood Lane in Bowie
We had some shingles come off in the last wind storm and wanted to know the cost of getting it repaired.
Vicinity of Lazy Day Lane in Bowie
My roof sustained damage by wind. I lost shingles and would like the entire roof (tar removal, shingle replaced etc). The total surface area is about 960 square feet.
Vicinity of Wainwright Court in Bowie
HOA and cost. Door will include screen door.
Vicinity of Rose Mount Lane in Bowie
Our soffit fell off from the roof because of strong winds, it needs to be put back on.
Vicinity of Pennington Lane in Bowie
Considering some home remodeling of kitchen, baths, and renovations of bedrooms; and possibly adding a second floor addition to my father's home.
Vicinity of Gladys Retreat Cir. in Bowie
Want to confirm shingles on the ground aren't from my roof. I have a 3 story townhouse and can't see.
Vicinity of Midwood Lane in Bowie
I would like to get a quote for a full roof replacement asap. Thanks
Vicinity of Long Ridge Lane in Bowie
At least on of the vent pipe roof vents need to be fixed - leaking into an upstairs bedroom - is 'tis omething you can assist with? It's an older Bowie home with copper vent pipes, can't seem to find collars - this is a roof that you have replaced Thanks
Vicinity of Crimson Place in Bowie
Would like an estimate on replacing several missing roof shingles and repairing vinyl siding on a dormer. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kelsey Lane in Bowie
Would like to schedule an estimate sooner than later for master bath. Replacing current kit with subway tile and tile on floor with new toilet, vanity, and medicine cabinet.
Vicinity of Oxford Ct in Bowie
I need a window replaced
Vicinity of Eldorado Greenfields Drive in Bowie
Seeking ideas and estimate for backsplash in kitchen and wet bar in basement. Also interested in seeing what's available for under cabinet lighting.
Vicinity of Begonia Lane in Bowie
I need to have the shutters on the exterior of my home reinforced. One of the shutters blew off during the most recent storm so I will need to purchase one new set. I do want all the others reinforced.
Vicinity of Presidio Way in Bowie
Experiencing roof leakage. Also seems as if strongs winds might compromise ouurbroof a bit 2 weeks ago.
Vicinity of Elmcrest Lane in Bowie
Need a quote for a new roof
Vicinity of Quill Point Drive in Bowie
Roof repair/replacement. Damage from wind storm.
Vicinity of Tallow Lane in Bowie
Wind roof damaged I would like to request an estimate.
Vicinity of Port Echo Lane in Bowie
Roof repair and/or replacement from wind storm. Also new garage and storm door.
Vicinity of Windflower Way in Bowie
Roof inspection after sever winds.
Vicinity of Oxbridge Way in Bowie
Missing shingles and water damage
Vicinity of Lavender Ln in Bowie
Due to wind i think their may be some shingles missing but im not sure.
Vicinity of Odens Bequest Drive in Bowie
Shingle repair due to wind damage
Vicinity of Quail Ridge Lane in Bowie
Boss needs siding rehung
Vicinity of Traymore Lane in Bowie
6ft x 15-20ft section of vinyl siding blew off the house. Would like to get estimate on repair/replacement. Siding is over 16 years old and not a common color that I have found. Will be working with insurance adjuster on March 10.
Vicinity of Gresham Ct in Bowie
Request for roof evaluation after the recent windstorm. at least 2 dozen or more shingles missing. wood fence also blew down.
Vicinity of River Chase Ct in Bowie
Two pieces of my siding came off after the recent storm and they both need to be replaced along with two shutters need to be hung.
Vicinity of Nighthawk Lane in Bowie
3/4/18 I had a downspout come down in the wind over the weekend. I'd like to get an estimate on replacing all the downspouts and have a small trim piece reattached on the lower front roof. Thank you
Vicinity of Hatties Progress Dr in Bowie
We lost shingles due to the wind storm.
Vicinity of Exchange Row in Bowie
Hello! Some shingles on my townhome flew off during yesterday's storm. I would like to receive a quote on how much it would cost to repair. Thanks! Michelle
Vicinity of Kensington Lane in Bowie
Kitchen remodel to include centering kitchen window at kitchen sink, moving kitchen interior door, new floors, new cabinets, new countertops, new sink, new backsplash, painting
Vicinity of Kensington Lane in Bowie
Kitchen remodel to include centering sink at kitchen window, moving interior kitchen door to accommodate larger refrigerator,
Vicinity of Tabb Court in Bowie
Install 2 sliding glass doors. Standard doors will not fit. Must be custom maid
Vicinity of Homestake Place in Bowie
I want to replace a corner shower in basement bathroom and have a 32x60 shower built (mud pan/Schluter System) and tiled
Vicinity of Ancient Ct in Bowie
Hello, we had some damage to the house that we're looking to get repaired. Primarily, the drywall ceiling in a bedroom caved in close to where the ceiling fan is located. I would also be interested in getting an estimate to replace the roof and gutters. Finally, I am curious if your company would be able to install a backsplash in the kitchen. Thanks!
Vicinity of Chelton Ln in Bowie
We are selling our home and have an inspection report that needs to be completed ASAP.
Vicinity of Elenoir Ct in Bowie
I am buying this property and the home inspection report indicated leaks in the ceiling. I think the roof may need to be replaced, at minimum repaired. The seller doesn't want to fix the roof and I will need the roof replaced or fixed upon moving in the property. Also, I need the HVAC system looked at. Not sure if your company deals with that or not. Lastly, the master bedroom windows may not be operatable and may need to be replaced.
Vicinity of Melling Lane in Bowie
Wood rot causing a leak from ceiling vent.
Vicinity of Clearfield Dr in Bowie
Estimate roof replacement / repair
Vicinity of Crimson Pl in Bowie
Roof leaking and patching of the ceiling.
Vicinity of Keynote Lane in Bowie
Looking to purchase a home, but we know the roof may need work. We are looking to get an estimate.
Vicinity of Alconbury Drive in Bowie
18 year old roof , looking for estimate to replace
Vicinity of Northshire Lane in Bowie
Take off and dispose current roof. replace roof and gutters
Vicinity of Grenfell Loop in Bowie
Seeking RFQ for 5 windows to be installed. Best quote/service will be offered additional rooms to install windows.
Vicinity of Hillmeade Station in Bowie
We just bought this house and it appears our bathtub and shower liner have cracks in the lining. We need an affordable fix for the tub and shower stalls.
Vicinity of Congressional Court in Bowie
Complete bathroom remodeling. You already remodeled our shower.
Vicinity of Dunleigh Drive in Bowie
Water leaking into basement around sliding glass door. Need to determine cause and correct.
Vicinity of Kennet Lane in Bowie
Window/frame replacement
Vicinity of Edgepark Ct in Bowie
Our roof needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Beechtree Ln in Bowie
Gutters and Gable replaced I have a wooden fence that needs some repairs (2 or 3 fence posts loose and some fence boards need replacing)
Vicinity of Davit Court in Bowie
Extend laundry room Install French doors in morning room Replace door in morning room with window Install picture window in family room
Vicinity of Marleigh Dr in Bowie
You replaced my roof a couple of years ago and now I am looking to remodel my basement bathroom. I want to replace the tub with a tiled shower. I'm looking for an estimate to do the work. I would purchase the tile, grout, fixtures, shower door and paint. I'd like an estimate that includes anything else that's needed for the job.
Vicinity of Eightpenny Ln in Bowie
We did a diy job in the bathroom w/Delta Surround; I don't like it. We need to replace the shower walls
Vicinity of Rockvue Pass in Bowie
Need to have complete roof replacement. Roof is over 20 years old. No leaks just old. Thank you
Vicinity of Killian Lane in Bowie
We are in need of a contractor ASAP. We have sold our home and need to replace our attic stairs and have some dry wall work finished in the garage.
Vicinity of Knoll View Court in Bowie
I have 3 windows on the side and back of my home that I'd like to have an estimate to replace or repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Quintette Lane in Bowie
Need to replace 3 gutter boards, install drip edges, and reinstall gutters. One of the 3 gutter boards has rotted to the point that the gutter has fallen, damaging the downspout. Additionally, I need minor repair to unrelated siding issues.
Vicinity of Woodrow Lane in Bowie
Want to get a new roof with architectural shingles. Some shingles are blowing off the roof.
Vicinity of Danbury Dr in Bowie
We are getting estimates on some bathroom installation and remodeling as well as basement work and all new windows. We are interested in hearing what your company has to offer. Please give us a call or an email to set up a time.
Vicinity of Narrows Lane in Bowie
Ready to replace roof, siding, encase exterior exposed wood on house and windows.
Vicinity of Danbury Drive in Bowie
I am interested in getting a quote on replacement windows.
Vicinity of NORWALK CT in Bowie
I wanted to get an estimate on repairing on replacing my roof.
Vicinity of KIRK LANE in Bowie
I would like to get a quote on how much it would cost to have my windows replaced.
Vicinity of Triplecrown Rd in Bowie
Looking to replace font entry door and side lights with a new front and Storm door.
Vicinity of Aspen Leaf Ct in Bowie
I need room gutted, new drywall and painting.
Vicinity of Sudberry Lane in Bowie
My husband and I live in a Levitt Cape Cod in Bowie, and are looking to renovate our upstairs bathroom. It is still the original blue tub/sink/toilet. We would like to convert the tub into a shower stall (including removing all the blue tile from the shower area), add another electrical outlet, and replace the sink and toilet. I am unable to answer the phone while at work, so please email if possible. Thank you!
Vicinity of Memphis Lane in Bowie
2 bathrooms that need to be completely remodeled. I would like to keep the bathtub and replace everything else in the guest bathroom. I would like to keep the toilet and replace everything else in the master bath. I do not want grout, so a enclosure would be fine.
Vicinity of Winding Lane in Bowie
Looking for estimates to remove attic insulation and replace it, windows and doors weather stripping,gutters service and replacement of gas water heater.
Vicinity of Kelsey Lane in Bowie
I am looking to replace the covered patio as well as the roof/gutters to the house.
Vicinity of Ebbynside CT in Bowie
The shoe on my door has been coming loose for a while and has completely fallen off. Need a new one installed.
Vicinity of Hindle Lane in Bowie
Need to replace an 8 ft patio slider
Vicinity of Seward Rd in Bowie
Need roof
Vicinity of Welling Lane in Bowie
Need Kitchen remodeled and a quick turnaround. How busy is your company? Wanted to make sure you can accommodate my needs. Thanks!
Vicinity of Backus Drive in Bowie
Roof needs repair Gutter leaking
Vicinity of Kelly Marie Ct in Bowie
Please let Danny know I think something is wrong with a window he installed - there is alot of moisture inside the window. Can you please let him know - perhaps he can stop by and tell me what is wrong. Please send an email ([email protected]) so we can sort out a good day-time. Thanks so much! Nancy
Vicinity of Shadow Lane in Bowie
1.Adding an addition to the back of the home. 2.Replacing Floors from carpet to some sort of wood. 3. Bathroom upgrade.
Vicinity of Cadwalladers Vision Dr in Bowie
We would like to install a kitchen in our basement.
Vicinity of Chestnut Lane in Bowie
Vicinity of Oxbridge Way in Bowie
Roof leak need repair estimate and drywal paint estimate need both services done together
Vicinity of Keaton Place in Bowie
Replace sliding door in kitchen
Vicinity of Hatties Progress Driver in Bowie
A home i recently purchase had a huge mold abatement. Although the home is cleared about 60% of the home is to the stud. I am interested in remodeling: basement kitchen formal living room informal living room master bedroom and entire flooring for the house. Hope to hear from you soon.
Vicinity of Birch Leaf Terrace in Bowie
Missing shingles and siding from wind damage.
Vicinity of Westwind Dr in Bowie
Need soffit repair on second story of house
Vicinity of Dunwood Ridge in Bowie
Over the guest bathroom shower there was a wet/ sagging ceiling. I believe there is a leak coincidentally located right over the shower. I need to know if it's a leak in the roof.
Vicinity of Quixote Court in Bowie
Would like pricing for french doors in kitchen and new railings on interior staircase.
Vicinity of Padlock Lane in Bowie
Possible removal of asbestos siding with new siding installed or covering asbestos siding with insulation and new siding depending on cost. 2 Story Levitt home in Pointer Ridge.
Vicinity of Kelford Lane in Bowie
I would like to get quotes on addition of a sun room to back of house. And a quote on roof replacement.
Vicinity of Vista Grande in Bowie
I need a quote on new windows.
Vicinity of Maiden Dr in Bowie
Hi, I spoke with someone last year after the Home Show. I am now ready to redo my bathroom that is stuck in the 80's.
Vicinity of Kavanaugh Lane in Bowie
Hello, I'm interested in replacing my sliding patio door. I'd like to find out how much it is for installation.Please contact me at your convenience. Thanks
Vicinity of Erwin Court in Bowie
Estimates for roof repair.
Vicinity of Dennington Drive in Bowie
Job Description: 1) Take down and remove old front exterior door 2) Supply & Install new fitted insulated steel/other front exterior door with new locks 3) Fix or replace inoperative doorbell
Vicinity of Clover Hill Terrace in Bowie
We would like to receive an estimate for a master bathroom remodel, as well as a hall bathroom update.
Vicinity of Yorktown Drive in Bowie
New Roof, gutters, soffits needed. Also, Replace door jam (rotting). Change a window into a door and install a doggie door in the new door. (I'll provide the doggie door). Woould like this door to allow light into room. If possible like storm door with window and screen. Desire roof to be added over this new door and a deck approx. 3x5 feet for little dog with spinal issues to be able to step outside on a level surface.
Vicinity of Beechfern Ln in Bowie
The roof on our back porch has leaked for the last 5-6 years. Would you come out and give us an estimate to repair or replace it?
Vicinity of Peachwood Lane in Bowie
I would like to completely remodel my kitchen, Expand doorways, add lighting to two rooms.
Vicinity of Brunswick in Bowie
Need roof estimate ASAP. Signed w another company but think we want to back out.
Vicinity of Faraway Court in Bowie
Leaking roof, causing damage to drywall inside of residence. Need a estimate for roof replacement.
Vicinity of Russet Drive in Bowie
In my son's bedroom (back of the house) he has a nice size water stain on his ceiling.