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Roof Replacement in Riverdale, MD

Roof Replacement in Riverdale, MD

Before After
Roof Replacement in Riverdale, MD Roof Replacement in Riverdale, MD

A homeowner in Riverdale, MD needed their roof replaced. They had put off replacing the roof for longer than was best, and there was damage to some of the shealthing (underneath the shingles) on the back porch. The Integrity Crew tore off the old shingles, replaced the damaged sheathing, and installed the new roof in record time. The debris was cleaned up and hauled away before the end of the day, and the homeowners were happy with the transformation and that their home was protected.

Skylight Installation in Laurel, MD

Skylight Installation in Laurel, MD

Before After
Skylight Installation in Laurel, MD Skylight Installation in Laurel, MD

A homeowner in Laurel, MD needed to have their two skylights replaced. Our crew at Integrity Home Pro replaced two skylights on the back roof slope and re-shingled the surrounding areas.

Broken Gable Vent Replaced in Glen Dale, MD

Broken Gable Vent Replaced in Glen Dale, MD

Before After
Broken Gable Vent Replaced in Glen Dale, MD Broken Gable Vent Replaced in Glen Dale, MD

While Integrity Home Pro was doing some interior remodeling work, Jeff and Barbara began making a list of exterior work that they would like to have done as well. One repair problem that needed attention was a severly damaged gable vent that left their attic exposed to the elements even though the screen behind the gable vent was still intact. Aside from driven rain being a problem, it was also an eyesore.

In short order, Integrity was able to repair the surrounding siding and install the new gable. It wasn't a large scale job, but it needed to be attended to before the exposed area was further damaged. Let Integrity Home Pro help you by taking care of the list of home repair projects that you have been putting off before a little project turns into a large repair project.



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Bob Hara has nothing but good things to say about Integrity Home Pro. He is a proud customer and loves having his projects done with Integrity. Take a look!
Testimonial by Bob H. from Lanham, MD
I can’t be more pleased by the work these two did! Robbie diagnosed the problem, scheduled me in at an early date, and progressed the work expeditiously...
Testimonial by Roger and Helene G. from Laurel, MD
"...They stand behind their work until the job is done right."
Testimonial by Freia C. from Laurel, MD

Roofing & Remodeling Services in Prince Georges County

Integrity Home Pro provides quality repairs for roofs all throughout Prince Georges. If you notice wood rot, structural damage, impacts from ice or hail, we have the tools necessary to fix it. Our decades of experience allows us to fix your roofing issues quickly, efficiently, and with the quality you'd expect from a certified roofing company.

Contact us for a free estimate on these services:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Window Replacement
  • Door Installation & Replacement
  • Siding Installation
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Sunrooms
Case Studies From Prince Georges County
The Smith's had a repair that needed to be fixed due to a storm.
Mr. Bachteler's roof needed to be replaced and he wanted Integrity to help him with this problem.
Mark and Barbara in Bowie, MD noticed that they had some damaged shingles on the roof of the garage attached to their home. In fear that this would...
Job Stories From Prince Georges County, MD
Soffit Repair in Bowie, MD

James and Nancy in Bowie, MD had some serious damages done to the vented soffit on their roof. The material was ripped off and caused a lot of problems to that area of the roof. The damaged soffit tangled into some wiring that was attached around the home. This can be very dangerous and cause serious issues for the safety of their home. The wiring looked to be torn from the place on the house where it was originally attached. James and Nancy contacted Integrity Home Pro for our top quality services. Our crew installed a metal shield inside the front gable soffit and replaced the damages Aloca vented soffit. This fixed the issue and eliminated any dangers that could occur on the house. If you are ever in need of some help with home repairs and are fearful that they could lead to dangerous situations - give us a call today and we will help you immediately.

Soffit Repair in Bowie, MD - Photo 1Soffit Repair in Bowie, MD - Photo 2
Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD

Our team did some interior renovations for Renee Vicks in Upper Marlboro, MD. but, she was also in need of some roof repairs. There were several damaged shingles and pipe collars which needed to be replaced. If not repaired, these can cause water to enter and rot the wood sheathing underneath. If the problem goes long enough without being addressed, the entire roof could need to be replaced. Renee had shingles that were lifting and curling at the ends which also caused water leaks inside of her home near the windows. 

Our workers tore off the damaged shingles replaced rotted decking, then prepped and renailed all loose decking to provide a smooth substrate for the roof installation. They installed Royal Sovereign ice water shield shingles, along with replacing and sealing new pipe collars. 

With her roof damage repaired, Renee can rest assured that the leaks and rot problems are in her past. She was pleased with the new repairs and realized just how important it is to seek immediate help when it comes to roof damage.

Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD - Photo 1Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD - Photo 2Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD - Photo 3Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD - Photo 4Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD - Photo 5Homeowners: Attention to Roof Leaks Should be Immediate Upper Marlboro, MD - Photo 6
Shingle Replacement in Capitol Heights, MD

Duane in Capitol Heights, MD discovered that his home had some water leaking and damage. Wet spots to appeared on the ceiling inside his home, and sometimes water would drip down the walls in his home. Like any of us, Duane did not want the problem to worsen, so he contacted Integrity Home Pro to look into the problem and give him so options and a free estimate to have the situation remedied.

Once roof damages have been brought to a homeowner's attention, they should immediately start searching for reliable contractors. Leaving any area of a roof damaged for too long will eventually create more problems for the rest of the roof, and the interior of the property. Before they know it, their entire roof will need to be replaced, which is a costly project.

After meeting with our specialist, Danny, Duane did not waste any time in resolving this issue. The Integrity team tore off the damaged and worn shingles, replaced the rotted wood of the decking, and put down new underlayment. They completed the project by installing GAF Autumn Brown shingles. Thankfully, Duane acted quickly, and the damage was repaired easily and quickly by Integrity.

Let Integrity Home Pro take the worry out of your home repair needs as soon as you discover a problem. Call us today for a free estimate on a roof repair or replacement, or a new addition. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in your home, so we make sure we do the job right- guaranteed! Give us a call!

Shingle Replacement in Capitol Heights, MD - Photo 1Shingle Replacement in Capitol Heights, MD - Photo 2Shingle Replacement in Capitol Heights, MD - Photo 3
Siding Service in Clinton, MD

Sylvia in Clinton, MD needed to have an area of siding repaired on her home. Just above the carport, there were pieces of siding panels detaching from the house, which also caused the gable vent to lift as well. She contacted Integrity Home Pro about this issue and we ensured her that it would be taken care of immediately. Our team went out to re-secure the panels.

 A good solid siding foundation, is just as important as a roofing foundation. If there are damaged siding panels on a home, immediate action should be taken to get them fixed. When harsh weather conditions occur, water can leak into the home, panels can completely fly off, and if not taken care of properly further issues can come up, just like roofing problems.

 Sylvia did the right thing by contacting Integrity Home Pro as soon as she noticed the hanging panels. Our team made sure to complete all repairs correctly, so she would no longer have to worry about them.

Siding Service in Clinton, MD - Photo 1Siding Service in Clinton, MD - Photo 2
Working with Storm Damage and Insurance in Bowie, MD

After a storm blew through the area, Jackie and Gary were left with damage to their home in Bowie, MD. They called Integrity Home Pro to give them an estimate, knowing that the Integrity team works well with Insurance Companies as well as home owners to repair the damage. There was damage to the back and side of their home: trim, gutters, fence, deck railing, deck floor, and the roof on the deck, as well as dents and dings on the house siding which necessitated replacement. The Integrity team gave them a complete estimate which was well received by both them and their insurance company. Then, the Integrity team went to work on the repairs. Because of the storm damage, the corregated green fiberglass deck roof had to be removed, the roof re-framed, then covered with Ondura Corregated Asphalt Red Roofing. The broken railings were replaced; painted and the deck flooring repaired. Several window screens also needed replacing, as did some of the gutters. Finally, the dinged siding was replaced and finished. Gary and Jacki's home was returned to its 'pre-storm, happy home' status looking as well-cared for as ever!

The Integrity Team enjoys ensuring that their customers are well taken care of with good service and quality workmanship. Our long-time warranty means you won't have to worry! Give the Integrity team a call when you have urgent home repairs and need a team you can trust to do the job right!

Working with Storm Damage and Insurance in Bowie, MD - Photo 1
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