Work Requests in Upper Marlboro

Integrity Home Pro is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Upper Marlboro. Learn more about Integrity Home Pro's recent work requests in Upper Marlboro and nearby areas!

Learn more about Integrity Home Pro's recent work requests in Upper Marlboro, MD
Vicinity of GALESHEAD DR in Upper Marlboro
I had some wind damage to my roof which caused some of the shingles to fall off. I am looking at a repair estimate or possibly a full replacement of the roof.
Vicinity of Mount Calvert Road in Upper Marlboro
Need siding repair on the back of my house
Vicinity of Cheval Lane in Upper Marlboro
I need to have my front entry door and sidelight replaced. I am looking for a steel door replacement.
Vicinity of Darlenen in Upper Marlboro
Need an estimate for roofing replacement
Vicinity of Duke Of Wellington Court in Upper Marlboro
My roof and fencing need to be replaced or repaired asap
Vicinity of Pemberton Street in Upper Marlboro
Need an estimate for a new roof.
Vicinity of Grandhaven Ave in Upper Marlboro
We need roof repair estimate from licensed roofer
Vicinity of Narrowleaf Dr in Upper Marlboro
Roof and gutters
Vicinity of Lilly Pond Court in Upper Marlboro
Wife and I just bought our 1st home. Looking to 1) Install a storm door and front door in the front. 2) storm door in the walk out basement door in the rear.
Vicinity of Canyonview Drive in Upper Marlboro
Considering a sunroom-enclosed patio addition. need estimate. thanks
Vicinity of Bunch Berry Lane in Upper Marlboro
I want to remove the siding in the front of our home and replace it with veneer stone or fake brick
Vicinity of Woodyard Road in Upper Marlboro
I am in a process in purchasing a house with required completions of the home. With permits etc
Vicinity of Nareen Street in Upper Marlboro
I need a continuous ridge vent replaced (aluminum) and a 6 inch R & R rain cap replaced on a 3 story home. The insurance company has provided an estimate, and I wanted to get a quote from your company. E-mail is the quickest way to reach me. Thanks.
Vicinity of Beckenham Place in Upper Marlboro
I want to get a free estimate on roof repair and wood trim repair/capping around my front door and windows
Vicinity of Joyceton Drive in Upper Marlboro
I have an attic gable vent that needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Eton Dr in Upper Marlboro
Looking to replace siding, roofing and all exterior doors please and thank you.
Vicinity of Cornwall Court in Upper Marlboro
Need ridge vent replaced, partial roof repair/replacement, shingle replacement, rotted wood replaced, and whatever else is necessary
Vicinity of Whistling Duck Dr in Upper Marlboro
Looking for roof eval after recent hail storm. Would be available on 6/3/17 or 6/10/17
Vicinity of Duchess Court in Upper Marlboro
I would like an estimate to have my front entry door replaced. I am interested in a ProVia door and understand that you are a certified installer.
Vicinity of Woodstock Drive West in Upper Marlboro
I'm looking into having my gutters replaced on my townhouse. I believe the current gutters front and back are each 22 feet in length.
Vicinity of Carlene Drive in Upper Marlboro
I would like to have my roof inspected for storm damage. Thank you.
Vicinity of Baikal Loop in Upper Marlboro
Townhouse is 20 years old. Roof is leaking in two spots through master bedroom closet--the first leak is coming through the closet light and the second leak began after the recent hail storm last week. Had two patches done before for the first leak but the problem came back. Would like to get a free estimate to replace the roof.
Vicinity of Sissinghurst Place in Upper Marlboro
I am interested in getting an estimate for siding repair.
Vicinity of Keepsake Ct. in Upper Marlboro
We have missing shingles and some loose siding
Vicinity of Water Fowl Way in Upper Marlboro
Leaking roof up stairs
Vicinity of Water Fowl Way in Upper Marlboro
Wind blew a couple of shingles off the roof.
Vicinity of Oakpost Ct Upper Marlboro, MD in Upper Marlboro
I am requesting an estimate for repairs from apparent wind damage on March 1st. The white aluminum that is 1/2 of the v shape at the top front of the town home was blown away and there appears to be a couple of loose shingles on the roof.
Vicinity of Moored Plain in Upper Marlboro
Vicinity of Silver Teal Way in Upper Marlboro
Some siding on my chimney has blown off after the strong winds in our area. Also, I would like to get an estimate of a new roof. Thank you
Vicinity of C in Upper Marlboro
Leak in roof
Vicinity of Water Fowl Way in Upper Marlboro
Need an estimate for a new roof
Vicinity of Wood Sorrel CT in Upper Marlboro
Good Morning I have a list of things that I want done before the end of this year. Roof Installation Windows Drywall work inside Bathroom remodel Kitchen upgraded Thank you
Vicinity of Old Indian Head Rd in Upper Marlboro
I need roof repair in two locations on my roof that was installed in 2008.
Vicinity of Rosaryville Road in Upper Marlboro
We have been in the Home for 20 years and we need bathrooms remodeled. Thank you.
Vicinity of Hunterton Street in Upper Marlboro
Roof needs replacing.Thank you.
Vicinity of Royal Commerce Place in Upper Marlboro
Possible shingle damage and loss form recent storm.
Vicinity of Bolin Terrace in Upper Marlboro
Live in a town house end unit and the siding is coming off at the top of the house where there is a peak. The pieces hanging look to be damaged and probably need to be replaced. The majority of the side of the house is brick except for the peak.
Vicinity of Brooklee Drive in Upper Marlboro
Last year I had someone come out to my home and give me an estimate for two gable vents but I never continued with that project. Will a new estimate have to be given for this project in 2016? Thanks
Vicinity of Orchard Farm Place in Upper Marlboro
Sunroom with hot tub
Vicinity of Stockport Way in Upper Marlboro
My kitchen is over 20 years old. All appliances require replacement, the countertops are white laminate which is now peeling and separating from the walls, and the cabinets need resurfacing and hardware. Townhouse so I really would like to make it look as nice a possible.
Vicinity of Rosaryville Road in Upper Marlboro
State of the Nation, sale of property and 5 windows which have to be painted or replace prior to listing for sale.
Vicinity of Village Dr W in Upper Marlboro
Vicinity of Running Brook Lane in Upper Marlboro
Water is leaking from roof and coming in the windows in the morning room.
Vicinity of Whistling Duck Drive in Upper Marlboro
I would like an estimate on renovation of my master bathroom. Want to increase the size of the shower, new flooring and vanity.
Vicinity of Center Park Way in Upper Marlboro
We are selling our house, and had an inspection done. The inspection mentions evidence of a leak in the attic at the ridge vent. We need someone to give us an estimate and make repairs on the leak, any bad wood, and any mold cleanup that may be necessary. We're trying to close by 12/31, so we'd like to get this repair done quickly.
Vicinity of Rhodenda Ave in Upper Marlboro
I believe the plumbing vent boots need to be repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of Wallace Lane in Upper Marlboro
A few shingles missing from our roof and there may be water coming in.
Vicinity of Congresbury Place in Upper Marlboro
I think I have a leak in my roof over my master bathroom.
Vicinity of MELWOOD PARK AVE in Upper Marlboro
Possible leak over garage. Water spot in garage ceiling.