Karen C. of Baltimore, MD

Integrity Home Pro Remodeling.
Karen C. of Baltimore, MD

Bathroom Remodeling Project

“Well we remodeled my bathroom, took it down to the studs, brought it back to life, and a whole three times the size that it originally was. The finished product is just…beautiful. And I have to say, there was a lot of attention to just getting it right, on this job, that I really appreciated.

As an example, both the floor in the room and the ceiling in the room – neither were level. The guys took the extra time to get it all level and sound and beautiful. Which is really important.

I have to really thank you for being here on time everyday, putting in a full day’s work. You were very productive and focused on the job that needed to be done. I ended up with a product that I’m proud of, and I’m sure you are too.”

Would you recommend Integrity to other people? “I would. In fact, I’m having you guys do a porch.”

“Company performed services that I needed in a relatively short period of time.”

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