The Best Flat Roof Repair Tips

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 by Danny Peterson


Flat roof repair tips often focus on the need for caution, as fixing a flat roof is more challenging than repairing a slanted roof. For this reason, many homeowners feel more comfortable calling a professional roofing company when they need assistance with their flat roof. However, for the DIY enthusiast who opts to take on the work themselves, there are a few pointers they’ll want to keep in mind.

How to repair a small area

If just a small portion of the flat roof has become damaged, reliable flat roof repair tips are often sufficient in guiding a homeowner through the process. For fixing small patches of the roof, the homeowner should begin by removing the damaged area and replacing it with a new section. They should sweep any dirt and gravel away from the damaged portion of the roof, but not discard these materials yet, and should then take a straight-edged utility knife in order to get rid of the damaged section.

When it comes time to prepare the replacement section, many flat roof repair tips encourage a homeowner to cut out a chunk approximately the same size as the section that was removed. The individual should take care to cement up the edges of the cutout section and then set the patch in place properly. Once this is taken care of, the person must nail the patch into place using galvanized roofing repair nails that are placed roughly two inches apart from one another.

From there, the homeowner can cut out another replacement patch that is roughly four inches larger than the first, thus allowing about two inches of overlap. From there, the DIY enthusiast should cover the first replacement patch with roofing cement. After this is done, they can go about nailing the second replacement patch into its proper place.

Roofing professionals emphasize the importance of cleaning up carefully once the flat roof repair job is done. As the cement is setting, a homeowner should sweep the excess gravel onto the top of the newly repaired patch in order to ensure that it stays in place as it dries. Without doing this, the discouraged individual might find that a strong gust of wind ruins the time they spent on the patch job, as it carries away the materials before the cement has had a chance to harden fully.

For quick flat roof fixes, roofing experts encourage a DIY enthusiast to scout out any low-lying areas of the roof where leaks might occur. Leaks are more prominent in these spots because water tends to pool there, causing damage over time. When they locate the spots, they should use some absorbent materials in order to carefully soak up excess water. Once the area is totally dry, the homeowner can begin seeking out cracks in the roof. If they spot a crack, they can open up the damaged area with a knife, taking care not to go too deep into the roofing material, as this can cause more damage. After draining the water and waiting for it to dry thoroughly, they can then apply roof cement in order to seal the spot up once again.

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