The Essential Bathroom Ideas for Daily Life

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 by Danny Peterson

Much as we know what we want, we always end up doing something else and there are fat chances that while doing bathroom, we actually don’t pay much attention; for the obvious fact that it is seriously not on up to our street. Let us see some of the finer points of designing bathrooms:
  • Open up to a vanity and not your loo. There are many designs that the bathroom door opens up to the loo instead of vanity. Give the toilet part some personal space.
  • Storing items related to daily bath usage is necessary and that you have them all at your eye level equally so. All related bathroom items should be easily available to you.
  • Bathrooms are the wet areas of your home. It is important that they dry up real quick and that a healthy air circulation continues to remain so in the bathroom. Make sure you have at least a skylight or an exhaust fan for that matter.
  • Lighting is equally important and that it is done in your shower enclosure. The light should be done so that your face gets the full effect of it rather than the mirror on the wall. This way you should be able to see better.
  • Nothing can replace cleaning and so make sure that you at least clean your bathroom once a day to avoid water spots and grime and dirt accumulation. Even your bathroom cabinet is also under dirt scrutiny which needs attention.
  • Lighting up your bathroom the natural way has its own effects. If you cannot get natural light, try using uplights to bounce the light off the ceilings.
  • Thick mosaic tiles or chip stones – all are helpful enough while trying to drain off all water. So this is considered to be better kind of floors and you can avoid discoloration.
  • It is true that some floors look really dirty all the time; tiles like black. Choose the right kind of tiles that can make your floor better.
  • Try avoiding larger designs of floor tiles. Small types of mosaic tiles are what would be a design preference.
  • The best mirrored walls run wall to wall without visible fixings and they cover the whole wall without gaps. This looks ideal for wall fixation.

Try out these simple design tricks and see if your bathroom is the one that comes out of your imagination.

Author Bio:

Ryan Holman is a home décor specialist and has ensured a customized and well prepared home design for himself and often advises clients on designing as per their space requirements.