The Truth About Stone Coated Steel Roofing Problems in Maryland

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 by Danny Peterson


For many homeowners, stone coated steel roofing problems are sadly common. The reason for this is simply because, at the end of the day, not all roofing styles are created equal—and while stone coated steel roofing is not without its charms and its advantages, it is also not without its drawbacks. Before investing in this type of roof, homeowners are advised to understand the kinds of problems that can emerge.

Getting the Facts

Before we address stone coated steel roofing problems, it is useful to spend a few moments discussing what this roofing method actually entails. Stone coated metal roofing utilizes an acrylic bonding agent to secure decorative “stones” to the metal roofing panels. Then, the stones are coated in a clear acrylic top coat—which is essentially used to keep the roof from falling apart.

Already, you can probably spot the potential problem. After all, how many homeowners really want to entrust the safety and stability of their home to a layer of acrylic paint? Needless to say, the potential for this roofing method to cause long-term maintenance problems is very real—especially for homeowners who do not select stalwart and reliable stone coated roofing systems.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Problems

The roof of your home is asked to contend with a lot—not just the wind and rain, but also the constant punishment of the sun and its UV rays. The acrylic paint used to secure most stone coated roofs is simply not the most reliable choice for dealing with these different factors. Over time, the clear coat and bonding agents will begin to break down, and when they do, the “stones” adorning your roof will come detached, slide downward, and likely get lodged in your gutters.

The problems here are twofold, then. For one, you now have a roof that looks unsightly and a gutter that is full of debris. More importantly, though, there are now sections of the roof that are completely unprotected, which means the issue must be resolved promptly unless you wish for long-term damage, such as a moisture problem, to threaten your property.

The Best Alternatives

By contrast, note that standing seam metal roofing comes with none of the problems that afflict typical coated stone roofing. Note also that standing seam roofing produces fewer opportunities for moisture damage. While the non-interlocking panels on a stone coated roof leave ample opportunity for water infiltration, a standing seam roof keeps possible moisture entry points elevated, protecting the home from potential damage.

More to the point, though, homeowners who love the look of stone coated steel roofs should know that there is one such roofing system—available from Energy-Loc—that avoids all of the problems typically associated with this roofing style. In fact, this is the roofing style that Integrity Home Pro most frequently recommends to homeowners.

What makes this product so good, and so different from other stone coated roofing systems? This is the one stone coated roofing style that comes with truly superior, reliable workmanship. It’s impervious to moisture, resistant to UV damage, and guaranteed to be strong. In fact, these roofs come with lifetime plus warranties, and the company itself promises that, with this roof, homeowners will never need to repair or replace their roofs again.

The Right Roof for You

For homeowners, then, the truth about stone coated steel roofing problems must not be ignored. To learn more about the different roofing styles available—and the pros and cons inherent to each one of them—reach out to a roofing authority in the Baltimore area. Integrity Home Pro is one such contractor, and we are zealous to keep homeowners informed about their different roofing options!