Tips on Building a Sunroom Addition

Friday, December 6th, 2013 by Danny Peterson

For homeowners in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., building a sunroom addition can add serious value to a home, while creating a space that the whole family can enjoy. In years past, many sunrooms were not wired for electricity, making their use limited. However, now many sunrooms have become extensions of the home, allowing for plenty of hours of enjoyment. If you are thinking about adding a sunroom to your house, here is what you should know:

The different ways to approach building a sunroom addition

There are two different ways to add a sunroom to your home. They include:

  • Using a pre-fab kit: Homeowners can buy a sunroom that is designed and built at an off-site location, and then shipped to the home. A contractor can then install the sunroom. This is an easy way to add a sunroom without making a significant financial investment.
  • Site-built: This is when a constructor builds a sunroom onto the rest of the residence, just as they would an extra room or other addition to the house. During this type of construction process, a foundation is laid, walls are framed, and the entire structure is wired for power. This requires a more significant investment, but is appealing because you can customize the layout and features to your liking.

What to expect in terms of cost

The investment you will need to make as you go about building a sunroom addition will vary greatly depending on the layout of the space, the structure on which it will be built, and the kinds of features you want to see in the room. There are certainly budget-friendly ways to approach the process. Regardless of the amount of money you are willing to invest, remember that a sunroom can become a focal point of the house, and will serve as a comfortable gathering space for family and friends. Upon realizing this, many homeowners believe that the investment is well worth the use that the family will get out of the new addition.

Common misconceptions

Many homeowners have false notions about what goes into adding a sunroom on to a home. Some of these false notions include:

  • “I don’t need a building permit”: In fact, building permits are required when constructing a sunroom addition.
  • “Sunrooms don’t require a foundation. I can build it right onto the deck.” Foundation requirements vary from city to city, so you will want to check about your area’s regulations. However, most places require homeowners to have a proper foundation prior to building a sunroom. Pre-fab sunrooms can sometimes be created right on top of existing patio slabs or decks, though this is not always the case.

What separates a sunroom from other rooms in the home?

The defining feature of a sunroom is the natural light that the space lets in. Many sunrooms have large windows that flood the area with light, making it an inspiring and invigorating place to spend some time. It is also common for sunrooms to have several skylights. Homeowners often create sunrooms off of the kitchen, as this is where much of the home’s focus is naturally. However, you can put a sunroom off of any other public gathering space in the residence, like the living room or dining room. As you consider where to create the sunroom, think about the view of the outside world that you will enjoy in the space. Part of the appeal of the sunroom is that it provides a clear shot of the greenery outside. Take advantage of the views and build the sunroom in such a way that you can enjoy the view in front of you as you work or relax. If you’re stumped about how to start building a sunroom addition in your home, contact the team at Integrity Home Pro today. Find them online at