Understanding Sunroom Prices in Maryland

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 by Danny Peterson

The team at Integrity Home Pro knows that a sunroom that is designed properly can become an integral part of the home. When it comes to sunroom prices in Maryland, the investment required will vary greatly depending on the type of sunroom you are hoping to develop in your home. If you’re a homeowner in Washington, DC or Baltimore who is hoping to redo their sunroom, you’re not alone. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2013 annual report, sunrooms are among the 35 most popular remodeling projects.

In addition to creating a warm and welcoming place for your family to gather, sunrooms also significantly increase the resale value of a home. Studies show that a sunroom remodeling project costs about 50 cents to the dollar. The other 50 cents goes back into the home by way of increased value. Additionally, when you build a comfortable gathering spot for friends and family, you’re much less likely to have to waste gas driving around to local restaurants or other places. Your sunroom can become the go-to spot, and can provide hours of enjoyment. Whether you’re just looking to enjoy a lush view of your backyard or are hoping to turn it into an entertainment center of sorts, there are any number of options available when it comes to sunroom remodeling. While you may have hesitations about sunroom prices, it’s important to remember that this sort of remodeling work is an investment for your home. You can relax, entertain, and enjoy a “staycation” in this space, so the return on investment is high. Unlike having to reseal your driveway, you can actually make use of this new space and enjoy the money you put into it. As you take a look at the investment required to enhance your sunroom, remember that average sunroom prices that you may see are not necessarily an accurate reflection of what would be needed for your home. Even seemingly minor changes in size, scope, or quality of finishes from home to home can change the bottom line on this sort of work. For this reason, there is no real standard of comparison when it comes to sunroom pricing. Though you may try to chat with your neighbors in order to get some insight on what they put into their own sunroom remodeling project, note that houses in the same neighborhood and city will require different kinds of renovations. There are many variables within a particular home, meaning that what you invest into the project may be different from your next door neighbor. When it comes to analyzing the “cost recouped” for a sunroom renovation project, you will need to take a variety of factors into consideration. This includes the state of the rest of the home, the value of other residences in the area, and the changing property values in that city. This figure will change depending on whether your home is built in an urban, suburban, or rural setting. Additionally, the availability and cost of new and existing homes in the vicinity will shape the asking price on your residence. While there are any number of factors that impact what a house will sell for down the road, you can feel confident that adding a sunroom will bring this number up. Many people are attracted to the idea of a sunroom, meaning that these houses have a better chance of selling first. Whenever you add desirable additions to the home, whether it is a finished basement or other touches, your house stands out among the others when a buyer is searching for their next residence. Even if you plan to stay in the home for years, it is comforting knowing that any sunroom prices will essentially be able to pay for themselves when the house sells for more due to this appealing feature. If you have questions about sunroom renovations, contact the team of professionals at Integrity Home Pro today at www.integrityhomepro.com.