Understanding the Average Cost of Window Replacement

Friday, November 8th, 2013 by Danny Peterson


When it comes to the average cost of window replacement, there are several factors to take into consideration. For instance, the homeowner should think about whether the replacement windows are going to be new construction replacement windows or pocket replacement windows. The materials matter too, as wood and vinyl windows are priced differently. Lastly, the style of window also counts toward the overall cost. While there is no set formula for pricing the investment to replace windows, here are some guidelines that can help:

Vinyl double hung pocket replacement window

This is the most common type of replacement window, because many homes in this country were built with wood double hung windows. This means that a replacement must also be a double hung window. In addition to this reason, the cost effectiveness of this variety of window also contributes to its popularity. Lastly, vinyl is easy to maintain. A homeowner doesn’t need to paint it, and the only maintenance required is a thorough cleaning every now and then. This is ideal for a homeowner looking for a low-maintenance choice. On average, the cost of a vinyl replacement window is between $500 and $675 per double hung window. This includes the cost of both the replacement window and its installation.

Vinyl casement pocket replacement window

This type of window replacement job is typically required for a ranch-style or contemporary homes. You may also see these windows placed over a kitchen sink. The double hung and casement window are fairly comparable, though the casement window is slightly more expensive because it requires more hardware in order for the window to work properly. On average, a vinyl casement replacement window runs about $600 to $775. When considering the average cost of window replacement, most homeowners will be looking at either the double hung pocket replacement window or the vinyl casement pocket replacement window option.

Vinyl hopper replacement window

Some homeowners searching for answers about the average cost of window replacement may find that their pricing differs if the window they are looking to replace is in their basement. The vinyl hopper replacement window will probably be the kind they will rely upon in this situation. A hopper window is a window that opens into the room from the top, and is measured to fit in between the concrete or stone of a foundation wall. A hopper window is frequently used to replace an old steel framed single pane window. The replacement job necessary will truly depend on the situation; in some cases, the steel frame is able to stay in place and act as a stop for the new window. On average, a vinyl hopper replacement window will typically cost a homeowner between $395 and $495 per window.

When it comes time to replace a window, it is important that the homeowner also inquires about any fees associated with getting rid of the pre-existing windows. If the individual doesn’t realize that these fees apply, they may be met with an unpleasant surprise at the end of the work. In addition, a homeowner should consider the long-term savings that they’ll enjoy when they replace their windows. New windows improve a building or home’s energy efficiency, which means that the homeowner will consistently save money on their monthly energy bills. Over time, this will offset the average window replacement cost.

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