Unexpected Ways to Add Color to Your Kitchen

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 by Danny Peterson


A small hint of color can give an unexpected makeover to the kitchen. The most important aspect that gives the perfect look to the kitchen is choosing the right accessory and color. In fact, even the minute details in the floor, wall, and curtains matters a lot in case of kitchen remodeling. Replacing the boring white sink with a colorful one, ordering some modern appliances or giving the background a bright look are some of the unexpected ways to add color to the kitchen.

Adding Colorful Cabinets

Cabinetry sums to about 60 percent of the entire kitchen and a colorful makeover of these appliances adds to the grandeur of the kitchen. Use of vibrant colors like red or green in the lower cabinets gives a countryside appeal to the kitchen. On the other hand, use of wooden upper cabinets gives a classic look to the kitchen. The colorful cabinets are better alternative than the same old boring white cabinets.

Coloring the Cabinet Interiors

If the kitchen is an all white kitchen, then coloring the glass front cabinet interiors with blue, gives the perfect look to the kitchen. This color creates an amazing background for the kitchen wares and dish ware that are blue, red and white. One must remember that adding streaks of color to an all white kitchen creates an atmosphere that is soothing for the eye.

Creating a Colorful Central Point

The wall that divides the kitchen from the drawing room attracts all the attention and hence is considered to be the focal point of most of the kitchens. This wall that separates the two rooms creates a galley within the kitchen where the chimney vent can be placed. Adding apple green or light red color to this wall enhances the beauty of the kitchen. The dining area may be furnished with modern chairs that contrast the color of the wall.

Using the Collections

The display of colorful dishware and collectibles in an open cabinet adds positivity to the kitchen. The mixes of various bright colors like yellow, orange, and green creates a charming appeal altogether. The set up of these open cabinets reduces the open spaces in a kitchen thus giving it a much more compact look. They look good in the corner of two joining walls.

Adding colorful accessories gives a classic look to the kitchen

Colorful Kitchen Appliances

The modern kitchen appliances come with various color options. So apart from going for the regular white option, one can easily purchase colorful appliances that infuse the kitchen with color. Manufacturers of modern Kitchen ventilation systems and ovens add new shades to their appliance palettes.

Installing a Tile Backsplash

Tile backsplash has been the major aspect of kitchen design for ages. The recent designs of this particular kitchen structure involve brick finish using various colors. This is easy to clean and install, and it provides a durable backdrop.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, making creative color choices and keeping it simple is the fundamental aspect of creating a colorful kitchen that soothes the eye and mind.

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