Why Choose a Local Remodeling Company Over a National Chain?

When choosing a remodeling company for a home improvement agreement, your options can typically be organized into one of two categories. First, you have your local remodeling companies that are unique to your area. Then, there are the national chains that have locations all over the nation and are generally more well-recognized. If you have a home improvement project coming up, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the remodeling company you choose to complete the project for you. In many cases, there are far more benefits to choosing a local remodeling company over a national chain.

Personalized Service

In many cases, a local remodeling company has been serving its community for many years and takes pride in taking care of it. A local remodeling company has a personal connection to the area they service that large, national chains simply don’t. The people who work at the company are your neighbors who are more invested in seeing the community grow and thrive. Local companies also know that their word-of-mouth reputation is essential to their success, and that’s reflected in the level of service they provide and how they treat their customers.

Additionally, local remodeling companies have more specialized knowledge of local considerations, such as the unique climate you live in or specific building codes. This specialized knowledge allows them to offer products and remodeling solutions that are best suited for your unique needs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to your home renovation project.

Better Quality Products & Workmanship

One of the main problems that can occur with national chains is that they put too much focus on their own profits. They’ll offer a limited range of products based only on profit margins, with little regard for what’s best for the homeowner. Their services also focus on getting the project done as quickly as possible, rather than prioritizing the workmanship and taking pride in the finished outcome.

Local remodeling companies often put more care and consideration into their work. Again, because they know they’re taking care of their neighbors, they want to offer the best possible products and workmanship. Their profit margins are often smaller because they prioritize the people they serve over the short-term profits.

How to Choose a Local Remodeling Company

If you’ve decided to choose a local remodeling company for your next home improvement project, your next step will be to select from among the various companies out there. Not all local contractors offer the same level of service or the same quality of products, which means you have more options and more research to do.

Finding a reputable remodeling company in your local community comes down to looking at the products and services they provide, reading third-party reviews and testimonials, and meeting with the company to understand what they have to offer.  Your decision will be all about trusting the company to do the work for them.

As a local remodeling company that’s been serving homeowners since 2003, Integrity Home Pro is proud to serve our local community. To learn more about our remodeling services and what sets us apart from the national chains, contact us today.