4 Steps to Consider While Constructing a Tree House

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 by Danny Peterson

Tree houses have always been a virtual “magnet” for the people. Obviously, it’s hard to resist when you spot a tree house on your way. They are unique, spacious and truly charismatic. After all what’s better than to experience an enchanting experience on the trees naturally with assorted facilities? They have been a trademark for safari trips in jungles. Well, if the sight of the tree house attracts you a lot, then certainly you can have it for yourself!

Yeah, that’s true. A tree house can be constructed at the backyard of your house or inside your farmhouse. In fact, many people are already enjoying living on these types of houses. You can use it as a study, a tiny fun club, a resting area or a community gathering. But one thing is for sure i.e. you would definitely enjoy living on these houses. Additionally, it won’t take too long, if you plan to have a tree house.

It would be more interesting if you could learn building up a tree house of your own. The one basic thing which you should remember is that, you couldn’t bring a tree house on your own all alone. You will need a companion, so that you could fix out the installations perfectly. Of course, it could be a tedious task for you as a learner. The matter of a tree house initiation may leave you perplexed.

No doubt, a small search would redirect you to a lot of sites guiding you to construct a tree house. Indeed it’s a time consuming task. The measurements, type of wood requirements and the plan of the house needs time to be well understood. This process may conversely take long time to have your own built tree house. However if you can’t resist to wait for too long then you can look out for a professional tree house builder. A number of construction companies have stepped into this business.

Keeping a companion, while constructing a tree house, helps you a lot. While being on a platform, if you need anything from ground and you have no helping friend, then you may have to repeat the up and down process all the day long. Other than that there are various major aspects that act during the construction of a tree house. Overlooking these aspects may give you some unwanted output which actually were not thought by your before. Just take a look at some of them-

  • Design-The major factor- What would you construct, if you don’t have a well planned design? To be more precise, every construction needs a proper design. The point to consider is that if you don’t have a design, then consequently you would be in the middle of nowhere! Hence, always insist to have a design before you could make a start.
  • Make a thorough analysis- You can never predict the situation, when children would ask to enter in your tree house. If the height of your tree house is too high from the ground, then it may be dangerous for small children. Not only the children, but people of any age may slip out while climbing. Hence, to avoid such situations, always keep the tree house lower to the ground.
  • Consider the trees- Obviously, not always the weather remains similar. If it is sunny today, then it could be stormy tomorrow. To be specific, the durability of your tree house apart from the materials used also depends upon the stability of the tree. Make sure your tree house lies upon a strong tree, where you could be assured of the safety of the tree house.
  • Safety First- Believe it or not, but there are always probabilities of accidental moves in tree houses. While if you ignore safety concerns, then there may be any mishap. This can be avoided by installing safety instruments like rail guards, hand rails over the steps and so on.

It’s always exciting to have a tree house. It pleases you a lot. Additionally, if it’s built perfectly, it gives a good impression upon others. The things to consider are that how better you could construct a good tree house for yourself.

Author’s Profile: Tom Woods is an architect and a professional tree house builder. He finds great interest in designing various sorts of incredible tree houses and also provides tips and techniques regarding the same.